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Friday, July 28, 2006

The World's Top Brands

It was interesting to review the just released top 100 worldwide brands according to Interbrand and find just four alcohol brands on the list.

Budweiser was ranked 27th (26 last year); Hennessy 83rd (86); Moet & Chandon 87th (92); and Smirnoff 93rd (88).

What's that you say, no Heineken? No Johnnie Walker? Not even Gallo? It's all in the filters Interbrand uses when ranking the world's most valuable brands. Each brand must derive about a third of its earnings from exports on the international market, be recognizable outside of its base of customers, and have publicly available marketing and financial data.

The top five brands according to Interbrand are all U.S.-based: Coca-Cola, Microsoft, IBM, GE and Intel.

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