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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 181 Drink: Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold Lager

Great Lakes Brewing is well established in Ohio and has expanded distribution outside of the state, attracting new followers. The brewery regularly wins medals at the Great American Beer Festival and from the World Beer Championships.

Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold Lager is a 5.8 percent alcohol by volume beer with a burnt golden color and a fluffy white head. The beer has a good malt base thanks to the Harrington and Caramel 60 used in the production, with cleansing hop characteristics that keep it fresh on your palate. The classic noble Hallertau hop is present, with support from Cascade, producing 30 IBUs. A nice sturdy lager.

Rare Beer Club & Jolly Pumpkin Plan Pints for Prostates Brew to Mark National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

People will be able to raise a glass of beer to your health and really mean it during September, thanks to a cooperative effort between Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales of Michigan, The Rare Beer of the Month Club, which ships unique craft beers nationwide, and Shelton Brothers, one of the leading craft beer distributors and importers.

Biere de Goord, a saison brewed with kale, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin and green tea, was made by Jolly Pumpkin to help raise awareness about prostate cancer and generate funds for the Pints for Prostates campaign. The Rare Beer of the Month Club has joined the effort by making the beer one of its selections during National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in September. Shelton Brothers, which handles Jolly Pumpkin, is donating its services to the effort.

The beer will feature the Pints for Prostates logo on its label, which includes the blue ribbon to remind people of the ongoing search for a cure to prostate cancer, a leading cause of death among American men. A donation of $3 from every 750 milliliter bottle of Biere de Goord sold will be made to the Pints for Prostates campaign.

“Pints for Prostates is reaching men through the universal language of beer and now for the first time we are doing it with a special beer that carries a message urging men to get regular prostate health screenings,” said Rick Lyke, a prostate cancer survivor who founded Pints for Prostates after successful prostate cancer surgery in April 2008. “We’re thrilled that Jolly Pumpkin, The Rare Beer Club and Shelton Brothers have joined our campaign in a way that will catch the attention of men needing to hear our message.”

When this very limited batch of Biere de Goord is gone, it is gone. There are only three ways for beer lovers to try the unique farmhouse-style ale:

-- Join The Rare Beer Club online or 800-625-8238 and be sure to start your membership by Sept. 1;

-- Attend the Denver Rare Beer Tasting II in Colorado on Sept. 17, where Jolly Pumpkin will be pouring samples of the brew alongside more than 20 other great craft brewers offering extremely rare and exotic beers;

-- Visit a Jolly Pumpkin location in Ann Arbor or Traverse City, Mich., where a limited amount of Biere de Goord will go on sale Sept. 18.

“At Jolly Pumpkin we are super excited to be involved in this project. We were flattered and honored when we were asked to come up with a special beer to help raise awareness of the Pints for Prostates campaign,” said Ron Jeffries, President of Jolly Pumpkin. “It gave us the chance to stretch our collective imaginations and come up with a saison that not only tastes fantastic, but is full of ingredients rich in lycopene. While we can make no health claims about Biere de Goord, we wanted to use the project to do a little education for men about some of the foods that contain lycopene, which many researchers point to as being essential for prostate health.”

“When Rick first approached us for this project, I immediately felt that it was a perfect fit for The Rare Beer Club. The beer that Ron created for us at Jolly Pumpkin defines the essence of what we’re striving to bring to our members each month, creative, limited release, rare and outstanding craft brewed beers. The cause is a noble one. A little education and early detection goes a long way to save lives and we’re proud to be a part of this effort,” said Kris Calef, President of the Rare Beer Club.

“Shelton Brothers is proud to be associated with this project and get the chance to bring a Pints for Prostates beer to life,” said Ron Extract, Vice President of Shelton Brothers. “We’re quite pleased to be working with one of our brands, Jolly Pumpkin, and The Rare Beer Club on this project. The beer fits perfectly with our mission to bring consumers exceptional brews from great brewers. In this case the beer even comes with a message to men about protecting their health so they can enjoy great beer for years to come.”

Prostate cancer kills more than 27,000 men in America each year. Few people realize there are roughly as many prostate cancer cases diagnosed annually in this country as there are new breast cancer cases. With early detection and proper treatment, prostate cancer has a survival rate of nearly 100 percent.

Since launching in late 2008, Pints for Prostates has reached approximately 100 million people through a combination of donated advertising, publicity, appearances at beer festivals, and coverage on websites, blogs and social media outlets. In 2009, the program was featured at the Livestrong Global Cancer Summit in Dublin, Ireland, and profiled on CNN’s Vital Signs hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. During the 2010 NHRA season Bob Yonke and the Yonke Motorsports Pro Stock ran several races with Pints for Prostates as the primary sponsor on the hood of its car. In April, a team of athletes from Columbus, Ohio, ran with prostate cancer survivor Patrick Grubbe in the Boston Marathon wearing uniforms with the Pints for Prostates logo.

About Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales
Welcome to a land of open fermentation, oak barrel aging and bottle conditioning. At Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales we are dedicated to more than the traditions of old world craftsmanship. Everything we do is designed to create ales of outstanding art and flavor. Focusing on traditional rustic country style beers brought to life through labor and love, we strive to create beers to lighten the spirit and soothe the soul. Sharing our joy to the betterment of mankind is the most that we could hope for. Few pleasures accompany an inspired ale more agreeably than an equally inspired menu of hearth baked pizzas and gourmet salads topped with native meats, cheeses, and vegetarian suited alternatives. Whether it's the satisfaction of a quick snack or the fulfillment of an entire meal, an assortment of delectable dishes acknowledges the distinct qualities of both our Traverse City and Ann Arbor restaurants. Preserving local culture by cultivating our appreciation for fresh, seasonal, and regional resources allows Jolly Pumpkin to fulfill our vision for humanity.

About The Rare Beer Club
The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club offers four different options for consumers. From the very inception of our original domestic beer of the month club in 1994, we've focused on consistently providing three primary product characteristics: Quality, Variety & Freshness. And in that spirit, we now offer you four outstanding beer club options, each dedicated to those same principles. Our owner's favorite club features the finest the world of beer has to offer in limited-release, celebratory, artisanal beers from some of Michael Jackson's favorite breweries. Two different selections are presented each month in 750 ml bottles, often cork finished, and some individually tissue wrapped. Members experience bold U.S. and imported interpretations of Farmhouse Ales, Russian Imperial Stouts, Barley Wines, Belgian Abbey Ales, varied Imperial, Extreme, Strong Ale and Grand Cru offerings, oak-aged ales imparting bourbon and vanilla notes, and much more. Many selections are pushing the envelope of creativity, are not yet distributed in the U.S., and brewed such that they can be cellared and aged.

About Shelton Brothers
The best beers...imported by hand. What exactly does that mean, and how do we do it? The best beers are brewed with a sense of place, a distinctive house character, and an appreciation for tradition, value, and/or the natural art of beer-making. Beer should have depth, texture, and nuance – it should sometimes even be a little rough around the edges. There are a few (very few) exceptions to every rule, but generally speaking, that means the following about a brewery’s beers: brewed in small batches using traditional methods; unsweetened; unpasteurized; unfiltered/bottle-conditioned; little to no use of spices or adjuncts; slow-fermented; distinctive house yeast or yeasts; and dry as opposed to sweet. There’s no miracle to importing good beer – just hard work and a lot of travel. We specifically seek out unmanipulated beer, generally looking to small breweries with craftsmen taking seriously their passion for a natural, traditionally-made product. Shelton Brothers is the only beer importer with these specific criteria for hand-selecting what we offer to our customers. We’ve turned down offers from large European breweries, and we’ll do it again. We’re only interested in bringing you the very best.

About Pints for Prostates
Pints for Prostates, a 501(c)3 campaign that uses the universal language of beer to encourage men to take charge of their health, was founded by prostate cancer survivor Rick Lyke in 2008. The grassroots effort raises awareness among men of the importance of regular prostate health screenings and PSA testing by making appearances at beer festivals, social networking and pro bono advertising. Pints for Prostates supports the Us TOO International Prostate Cancer Education and Support Network, a 501(c)3 charity that works to support, educate and advocate for men with prostate cancer and their families. More information is available at www.pintsforprostates.org. Pints for Prostates also has a presence on Facebook and Twitter (@pints4prostates).

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 180 Drink: Hennessy Black

Hennessy is the number one selling Cognac in the world. So when they make their first major new product introduction in the U.S. in 50 years, it is worth taking note.

Hennessy Black was introduced in 2009 in select cities and is now available nationwide. The brand is designed to be a mixer and the company is marketing brand through dance and music in high-energy settings across the country.

Hennessy Black is a blend of 35-45 pale and gold colored eaux-de-vie aged in French oak barrels for at least five years. Hennessy Black is an 86 proof spirit that has a nice golden color and floral aroma. The wood base of this drink is nice and firm, but not overpowering. Overall, the drink has a bright texture and a touch of citrus throughout.

Borders in Charlotte Hosts Signing of 1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die

The July 4th weekend is traditionally more about beer drinking than it is book reading, but the two pastimes will be combined this Saturday at the Borders in Morrocroft Village Shopping Center at the corner of Sharon and Colony Roads in Charlotte, N.C.

On July 3 from Noon to 3 p.m., I will be signing copies of 1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die. I am one of 42 contributors to the the 960-page book edited by Adrian Tierney-Jones that was released at the end of March. Beers from 69 countries are chronicled in the book by beer writers across the globe.

If you are around Charlotte on Saturday, please stop by Borders and say hello.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 179 Drink: Thirsty Dog Twisted Kilt

Anytime you can be at a baseball game on a warm evening and enjoy a craft brew is a good night. Thanks to Tom and Sarah for generously providing some great seats right behind first base, I had the chance to watch the Cleveland Indians beat the Toronto Blue Jays this evening, while sipping on a couple Thirsty Dog Twisted Kilts.

Thirsty Dog Brewing Co. is located in Akron, Ohio. If you look hard enough at Progressive Field you can find a stand or two serving Thirsty Dog, Great Lakes and Leinenkugel on draught. It is worth the effort.

Thirsty Dog Twisted Kilt is the brewery's take on an Scottish export ale. At 5 percent alcohol by volume the beer pours a nice warm brown color with an ample tan head. The beer is dominated by caramelized malts and is lightly hopped at just 13 IBUs. The overall result is a very smooth and easy drinking beer, perfect for watching a baseball game.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 178 Drink: New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale

New Belgium Brewing is located in Fort Collins, Colo. The brewery was founded in 1991 and has grown to be one of the largest craft brewers in the nation. Fat Tire Amber Ale was created after a bike trip by New Belgium Brewing's founder, who fell in love with the complexity of Belgian ales.

New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale has a tarnished brass color, with a slight, but lacing white head and a slightly malty nose. The beer has a caramelized malt base with some nice biscuity qualities. Overall a very drinkable beer.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 177 Drink: Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout

The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery has been focused on making dark beer since opening in eastern North Carolina in 2004. Paul Philippon felt dark beer was underrepresented in the southeastern U.S., so he started making brown ale, Baltic porter, wee heavy Scotch ale and milk stout.

If you think it is too hot in North Carolina during the summer for dark beers, picture this: a group of friends at a small beer tasting in a parking lot on a 95 degree day in Charlotte discover some ripe black berries along a fence. Soon some of the berries are crushed in the tasting cups and Duck Rabbit Milk Stout is poured over the top. It turns out to be a highlight of the tasting.

Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout is a 5.7 percent alcohol by volume beer brewed with lactose and a healthy amount of roasted grains. The beer is a blackish brown color with a tan head. Roasted malts dominate the aroma. The flavor is heavy with roasted grains, bold coffee and a hint of cocoa.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 176 Drink: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada Brewing would have been successful, but it likely would never have been a craft beer household name without Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. The beer is an old friend that is great this time of year.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale pours a bright golden color and has a nice pine hop aroma. The beer is 37 IBUs, which is very flavorful, but in this age of big hop bombs it is important to realize that this brew taught many people about what hops could mean for a beer. The ale is clean with a floral and spice finish.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 175 Drink: Chateau Penin 2009 Bordeaux Clairet

When you think of red wine from the Bordeaux region of France you usually expect a purple, full-bodied wine. But Chateau Penin de-stems merlot grapes and after 24 to 60 hours of maceration the juice is run off. This means the wine takes on only a portion of the available color from the skins and ends up a bright rose color.

Chateau Penin 2009 Bordeaux Clairet has a mild fruit aroma. Served slightly chilled, the wine is meant to be an aperitif and its fresh, tart flavor profile and moderate tannin level do a good job in freshening the palate.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 174 Drink: Maudite

Maudite is a Belgian-style strong ale that is brewed in the French Canadian province of Quebec at a brewery that is owned by a Japanese company. That is about as international as it gets, but it is not all that uncommon in these days of corporate consolidations.

Unibroue first brewed Maudite in 1992. The name means "Damned" and the label art reflects the legend of a group of Quebecois voyageurs that made a deal with the devil so that their canoe would fly and help them get home before winter storms hit.

Maudite is an 8 percent alcohol by volume dark ale that pours a handsome mahogany color with a tan head that holds firm. There is a good malty base to this beer, with dark fruits, berries and raisins. There are some spices around the edge of this beer, making it complex enough for most fans of Belgian-style brews.

Brew Beer & Fight Cancer: Brewer's Best Enters Partnership with Pints for Prostates

Brewer’s Best® will offer a limited release homebrew ingredient kit this fall to benefit Pints for Prostates. Founded by prostate cancer survivor Rick Lyke in 2008, the campaign raises awareness among men at beer festivals, through social networking and pro bono advertising. The new PSA IPA kit will be available in September, which coincides with Prostate Cancer Awareness month.

LD Carlson Company, who packages the Brewer’s Best® brand of products in Kent, Ohio, has agreed to donate $3.00 from the sale of every kit to the Pints for Prostates campaign. Retailers who sell the kit will have the option to match the donation. All net proceeds raised by the group go to fighting prostate cancer and assisting men with the disease. This is the first homebrewing product to partner with the charity.

The ingredient kit, PSA IPA, will be a hoppy India Pale Ale. A PSA test is a common blood test used to measure levels of prostate specific antigen which is often elevated in the presence of prostate cancer. In addition to containing all of the ingredients to make a 5-gallon batch of beer, the kit will include health-related information about the importance of early detection through PSA testing.

“Pints for Prostates mission is to reach men through the universal language of beer with an important health message. PSA IPA will give us a unique platform to reach homebrewers," said Lyke. "Every week nearly 4,000 men in the U.S. hear the words ‘you have prostate cancer.’ The key for these guys is detecting the disease in its early stages when treatment is nearly 100 percent successful.”

LD Carlson distributes Brewer’s Best® homebrew products to a network of independent retailers across the country. “Our brand is a great vehicle to deliver an important health message to homebrewers everywhere”, says Brian Wright, LD Carlson’s Sales & Marketing Manager. The ingredient kit will begin to hit store shelves in August and retail for around $45. Beginning in 2011, PSA IPA will be available earlier
in the year to coincide with Father’s Day.

About LD Carlson Company
LD Carlson is a national wholesale distributor of beer and wine making equipment. Established in 1970, LD Carlson services a network of independent retailers (homebrew shops) across the country. Their Brewer’s Best ® product line includes starter equipment kits, ingredient kits, spices, flavorings and various brewing accessories. More information is available at www.ldcarlson.com and www.brewersbestkits.com.

About Pints for Prostates
Pints for Prostates, a 501(c)3 campaign that uses the universal language of beer to encourage men to take charge of their health, was founded by prostate cancer survivor Rick Lyke in 2008. The grassroots effort raises awareness among men of the importance of regular health screenings and PSA testing by making appearances at beer festivals, social networking and pro bono advertising. Pints for Prostates
supports the Us TOO International Prostate Cancer Education and Support Network, a 501(c)3 charity that works to support, educate and advocate for men with prostate cancer and their families. More information is available at www.pintsforprostates.org. Pints for Prostates also has a presence on Facebook and
Twitter (@pints4prostates).

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 173 Drink: Fruli Strawberry Beer

Fruli is a fruit beer produced near Ghent, Belgium, by Huyghe. It is a blend of white beer and strawberry juice. The label says it uses coriander and orange peel, with natural and artificial flavors.

The 4.1 percent alcohol by volume beer pours a strawberry rhubarb color with a thin off white head. The aroma is straightforward strawberry and the flavor opens with a sweet soda pop note. If you are accustomed to fruit lambics, you will miss the balancing sour note. If you enjoy wine coolers or sweeter mixed drinks, this will be right up your alley.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 172 Drink: Guinness Extra Stout

Arthur Guinness started brewing at St. James's Gate in Dublin in 1759. It is a huge brewing complex and a major tourism attraction in Ireland. The brewery turns out a variety of beers, including several stouts that carry the Guinness branding.

The Guinness most people know in the U.S. is Guinness Stout, a 4.2 percent Irish dry stout that is served on draught with nitrogen in most Irish-style pubs and in cans and bottles equipped with widgets that give the beer a creamy head. In most of the world, the Guinness that is the best seller is Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, a 7.5 percent alcohol by volume bottled beer popular throughout African, Asia and the Caribbean. The two beers are as different as their alcohol contents suggest.

In the U.S., Guinness Extra Stout, a descended from West India Porter, is a 6 percent alcohol by volume bottled beer. It pours a dark brown color with a thick tan head. The beer has a slightly sweet aroma. The flavor is a combination of roasted grains, dark chocolate and balancing hop bitterness. The aftertaste on this one lingers nicely.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 171 Drink: Old Mecklenburg Unfiltered Copper

Olde Mecklenburg Brewery is a focused North Carolina brewery that has two year-round beers, OMB Copper and OMB Kolsner, and adds a seasonal four times a year. That's why the chance to taste a twist on one of their brews is very interesting.

Unfiltered OMB Copper is served from an ornate oak-wrapped barrel with a brass tap.
The basic beer is styled after a Dusseldorf altbeer, with the classic copper color and brewed using the traditional decoction mehtod.

Old Mecklenburg Unfiltered Copper is a cloudy copper color with a slightly roasted malt nose. The beer has a nice malty base with a fuller mouthfeel than the standard OMB Copper. The overall flavor is still pretty clean with a good balancing hop at the finish.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 170 Drink: Founders Cask Conditioned Red's Rye Pale Ale

Founders Brewing's website says the brewery's philosophy is simple: "We are not the standard micro-brewery, rather we have traveled a path that breaks from the “standard” craft-brewer."

Founders Cask Condition Red's Rye Pale Ale was enjoyed at Mac's Speed Shop Barbecue in the Steele Creek section of Charlotte at a Pints for Prostates event. The 6.6 percent alcohol by volume brew is a health 70 IBU.

Founders Cask Conditioned Red's Rye Pale Ale has a nice floral citrus nose, a cloudy orange color and a proud head that lingers. The beer has a ton of great flavors. There is a nice spice from the rye and a ton of grapefruit notes from a healthy amount of Amarillo added during dry hopping.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 169 Drink: Maisel's Weisse

Brauerei Gebruder Maisel was founded in Germany in 1887. The company is run by Jeff Maisel, the fourth generation of the family to be involved with the brewery. The company launched Maisel's Weisse in 1955 and today it is one of the largest selling Weisse beers in Bavaria.

Maisel's Weisse pours a hazy orange gold color with a large, expanding white cloud of foam. The aroma of this 5.2 percent alcohol by volume beer has hints of fruit. The flavor has a smooth malty base, a shot of cloves, a bit of banana and in the background is some refreshingly cleansing citrus.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 168 Drink: Sierra Nevada 2010 Summerfest

Sierra Nevada Brewing has a series of seasonal releases that include beers for the summer, spring, the fall, winter and holidays. The brewery is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year with the release of four specialty brews.

Sierra Nevada 2010 Summerfest is a lager that is 5 percent alcohol by volume. The beer has a slightly sweet aroma and the flavor is fairly light in comparison to other Sierra Nevada brews. Perle and Saaz hops give the beer's flavor a mild floral touch and a bit of fruit essence in the finish.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 167 Drink: Pike Cask Conditioned Pale Ale

Pike Brewing sits along Seattle's 1st Avenue, connected to the famed Pike Place Public Market. Charles and Rose Ann Finkel own the place, running it with a friendly staff that has the kind of attitude you wish you would find during every night out. It's part restaurant, part bar, part brewery and part history museum, with one of the best collections of breweriana on display to the public you will find anywhere.

The Finkels are a lively food and beverage centric couple that have started and nurtured a number of great foodie businesses, including Pike Brewing (which the opened, sold and bought back); Bon Vin, a specialty wine importer; Merchant du Vin,a craft beer importer; and Truffles, a gourmet grocery. Charles also played an important role during the formative years of the Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery in Washington.

Pike Brewing hosted a Pints for Prostates event today, helping reach hundreds of men through the universal language of beer. While at event, I had the chance to taste Pike's Cask Conditioned Pale Ale.

Pike's Cask Conditioned Pale Ale is a cloudy orangish colored brew with a thin head that is typical of cask conditioned ales. Nice floral and herbal hop nose. The flavor has a range of mellow notes, with a good solid hop background. Grapefruit, spices and more floral notes emerge. A real solid real ale that would be in its element at a pub in the English countryside.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Big Week for Pints for Prostates: Tell Dad to Get a PSA Blood Test

With Father's Day coming up in just a few days, June is a big month for the Pints for Prostates campaign, which reaches men through the universal language of beer.

Already this month, Pints for Prostates has appeared at Twin Liquors in Bee Cave, Texas; Edgar's Restaurant in Akron, Ohio, at an event hosted by the local Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity; the World Beer Festival in Richmond, Va.; and at the 1K Beer Run hosted by Old Mecklenburg Brewing in Charlotte, N.C.

Coming up starting on Wednesday, Pints for Prostates will be at the following events:

June 16, 6-9 p.m.: Pike Brewing, 1415 1st Ave., Seattle, Wash., will donate a portion of the day’s sales and Pints for Prostates will have a booth at the event.

June 16, 8-11:30 p.m.: The Brewing Network and Northern Brewer is hosting a pre-National Homebrewers Conference Party to benefit Pints for Prostates at the Northern Brewer headquarters in Roseville, Minn.

June 19, 1-5 p.m.: Pints for Prostates Los Angeles Beer Fest will be held at Mr. Pockets Sports Bar, 516 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Manhattan Beach, Calif. Tickets are $45 and on sale now at www.pintsforprostates.org.

June 19, 6-10 p.m.: Mac’s Speed Shop Barbecue at 2414 Sandy Porter Rd. in Charlotte, N.C., is hosting a Mid-Summer Roman Celebration with cask ale and firkins.

June 20, Noon-4 p.m.: Railway City Brewing at 168 Curtis St. in St. Thomas, Ontario, is hosting brewery tours, beer tastings and an outdoor barbecue.

June 26, 2-5 p.m.: Dude Fest in the NoDa section of Charlotte, N.C., will feature a Pints for Prostates Beer Garden.

Pints for Prostates is also hosting “Donate for Dad” a fundraising campaign aimed at supporting the mission of the Us TOO International Prostate Education and Support Network by offering donors the chance to buy Dad a virtual beer for Father’s Day.

“The Pints for Prostates campaign hosts events around the country, but many people are unable to attend and still want to help in the fight against prostate cancer,” said Rick Lyke, a 49-year-old Charlotte, N.C., marketing executive and drinks journalist who founded Pints for Prostates after successful prostate cancer surgery in April 2008. “Donate for Dad is a fun and easy way for people to honor their Dads in a way that will make a big difference to men who are battling prostate cancer.”

With Donate for Dad, supporters buy a virtual pint ($5), six pack ($10), case ($25) or keg ($100) for Dad and 100 percent of the net proceeds go directly to Us TOO International, which is celebrating 20 years of helping men fighting prostate cancer and their families. As part of the program an eCard is sent to the donor’s Father telling them about the donation.

People can visit www.pintsforprostates.org and click on the link to Donate for Dad.

Prostate cancer kills nearly 28,000 men in America each year. Few people realize there are roughly as many new prostate cancer cases diagnosed annually in this country as there are new breast cancer cases. For the men battling prostate cancer and their families, the Us TOO International Prostate Cancer Education and Support Network is a place they can turn to for reliable information about the disease and treatment options.

“Whether you say Cheers, Prost, Salud, Slainte, L’chaim or something else when you are toasting, this year you can honor Dad by helping a great cause,” Lyke said. "You will also avoid having Dad add to his collection of ugly ties or slippers he just won't wear."

Since being launched in late 2008, Pints for Prostates has reached approximately 100 million people through a combination of donated advertising, news articles, appearances at beer festivals, and coverage on websites and blogs. In 2009, program was featured at the Livestrong Global Cancer Summit in Dublin, Ireland, and profiled on CNN’s Vital Signs program hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

About Pints for Prostates
Pints for Prostates, is a 501(c)3 campaign that uses the universal language of beer to encourage men to take charge of their health, was founded by prostate cancer survivor Rick Lyke in 2008. The grassroots effort raises awareness among men of the importance of regular health screenings and PSA testing by making appearances at beer festivals, social networking and pro bono advertising. Pints for Prostates supports the Us TOO International Prostate Cancer Education and Support Network, a 501(c)3 charity that works to support, educate and advocate for men with prostate cancer and their families. More information is available at www.pintsforprostates.org. Pints for Prostates also has a presence on Facebook and Twitter (@pints4prostates).

Day 166 Drink: New Holland Night Tripper

New Holland Brewing started making beer in Michigan in 1997. In addition to a production brewery, the company operates a brewpub restaurant and a distillery.

New Holland Night Tripper is an in your face Imperial Stout with plenty of roasted malt flavors. The beer is jet black with hardly any head. Roasted coffee and sweet aromas emerge from your glass. Immediate dark fruits, dark chocolate and a literal flavor attack on your tongue. At 10.8 percent alcohol by volume, you can taste the weight in this brew.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 165 Drink: Doobie 2008 North Coast Red

Bruce Cohn, has been manager of the Doobie Brothers rock band for more than 40 years. He is also the owner of B.R. Cohn Winery in Sonoma, Calif. It's only natural to bring the two together.

Doobie 2008 North Coast Red is a Bordeaux-style blend aged in French oak. A portion of the proceeds from the wine are donated to various veteran and charitable organizations including Sweet Relief, a 501(c)3 which is dedicated to helping musicians with health related problems. This wine was produced in memory of Keith Knudsen, long time drummer for The Doobie Brothers.

Cohn and members of the Doobie Brothers will be on hand to sign bottles of this special release on June 17 from 1-3 p.m. at Pavilions in West Hollywood, Calif., and on June 18 from 1-3 p.m. at Safeway in Alamo Plaza, Alamo, Calif.

Doobie 2008 North Coast Red is a nicely balanced red wine. A lovely garnet color and berry aroma opens the wine. There are cassis, plum and tabacco notes in this silky flavor profile. Nice oak background.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 164 Drink: The Dogfather

Laughing Dog Brewery in Ponderay, Idaho, has been around since 2005. They make 15 brews including several extreme beers that have quickly captured the attention of beer fans.

The brewery labels feature the family dog, Ben. Owners Fred Colby and Michelle Douglass claim the yellow lab is a part owner of the brewery.

The Dogfather is a big imperial stout with an 11 percent alcohol by volume base. The beer is made with seven malts and four hop varieties, then aged for 11 months in ex-Bourban barrels. The drink pours black with a thin, but persistent tan head. Full aroma of chocolate with a hint of the alcohol to come. Lots to experience with the flavor of this brew. Direct hits of whiskey, malted milk balls, coffee and then spice from the hops. Big and bold.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 163 Drink: Saison du BUFF

Stone Brewing, Victory Brewing and Dogfish Head Brewing make some of the best beers in America. In 2003, they came together to form form Brewers United for Freedom of Flavor (BUFF). It would be seven years before the group came back together to brew a collaboration beer.

The plan is for the three brewers to make Saison du BUFF at three different times. Stone was the first, making this beer to April.

Saison du BUFF is a 6 percent alohol by volune beer with a lovely aroma that is supported by parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme used in the brewing. The flavor is a combination of floral, citrus and the spices. Lots of what you would expect in saison and some things you would not. Worth trying.

Beer Traveler: 150 Perfect Places to Have a Beer

All About Beer Magazine is out with a special issue that came in a co-pack to subscribers with the current regular issue. I had the pleasure of writing two of the articles for the "Beer Traveler" magazine. One is a 12-day trip to the beer hot spots of Germany and the other is the cover story, "150 Perfect Places to Have a B

Want to start a healthy debate among your friends? Ask everyone to name their top 10 places to enjoy a beer.

In 2008, All About Beer Magazine published a list of the “125 Places to Have a Beer Before You Die.” The story resulted in the single highest number of reader responses in the 30 year history of the magazine. We decided to revive the debate and expand the list to 150 places.

See how many places you can cross off this ultimate “Growler List.” We certainly know how we plan to use some of those frequent flyer miles we have in the bank.

1. Great American Beer Festival, Denver, CO
2. Augustiner Keller, Munich, Germany
3. Abbaye de Notre-Dame d’Orval, Orval, Belgium
4. Monk’s Café, Philadelphia, PA
5. Great British Beer Festival, Earls Court, London, England
6. Schlenkerla Heller-Brau Trum, Bamberg, Germany
7. Horse Brass Pub, Portland, OR
8. Kulminator, Antwerp, Belgium
9. The Hopleaf, Chicago, IL
10. Toronado, San Francisco, CA
11. Zum Uerige, Dusseldorf, Germany
12. The Market Porter, Stoney Street, London, England
13. Oregon Brewers Festival, Portland, OR
14. U Fleku, Prague, Czech Republic
15. Andechs Monastery, Andechs, Germany
16. Falling Rock Tap House, Denver, CO
17. Fruh au Dom, Cologne, Germany
18. The Bull & Castle, Dublin, Ireland
19. Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany
20. Brouwer’s Cafe, Seattle, WA
21. Spuyten Duyvil, Brooklyn, NY
22. Brick Store Pub, Decatur, GA
23. Cantillon Brewery and Gueuze Museum, Belgium
24. Brauhaus Sion, Cologne, Germany
25. Henry’s 12th Street Tavern, Portland, OR
26. The Gingerman, Austin, TX
27. t’Bruges Biertja, Bruges, Belgium
28. The Brickskeller, Washington, DC
29. Bruxellensis Festival of Characterful Beers, Brussels, Belgium
30. The Flying Saucer, NC, SC, TN, MO, AR and TX
31. d.b.a., New York, NY
32. Kaffe de Hopduvel, Ghent, Belgium
33. The Great Lost Bear, Portland, ME
34. Spatenhaus au der Oper, Munich, Germany
35. Uber Tavern, Seattle, WA
36. The Blue Tusk, Syracuse, NY
37. Brauhaus Spandau, Berlin, Germany
38. The Wynkoop Brewery, Denver, CO
39. World Beer Festival, Durham/Raleigh, NC, Columbia, SC, Richmond, VA
40. Cadieux Café, Detroit, MI
41. Brewery Ommegang, Cooperstown, NY
42. Porterhouse (Temple Bar), Dublin, Ireland
43. Mondial de la Bière, Montreal, Quebec
44. Krčma, Ceske Krumlov, Czech Republic
45. Le Bier Circus, Brussels, Belgium
46. Library Ale House, Santa Monica, CA
47. Pizza Port & Port Brewing, Solana Beach, CA
48. Akkurat, Stockholm, Sweden
49. Rogue Brewery, Newport, OR
50. Great Canadian Beer Festival, Vancouver, BC
51. Marine Hotel, Stonehaven, Scotland
52. Clark Street Ale House, Chicago, IL
53. Baumgartner’s Cheese Store & Tavern, Monroe, WI
54. Czech Beer Festival, Prague, Czech Republic
55. The Beer Engine, Lakewood, OH
56. Au General Lafayette, Paris, France
57. Great Lakes Brewing, Cleveland, OH
58. Hofbrauhaus, Munich, Germany
59. Blue Moon Brewing at the SandLot, Coors Field, Denver, CO
60. Beer Club Popeye, Tokyo, Japan
61. Volo, Toronto, ON
62. Weihenstephan Brewery, Freising, Germany
63. Selin’s Grove Brewing, Selinsgrove, PA
64. Clark’s Ale House, Syracuse, NY
65. Piece Brewery, Chicago, IL
66. Wilimantic Brewing Co., Wilimantic, CT
67. Great Taste of the Midwest, Madison, WI
68. Brasserie Federal (Hopbahnhof), Zurich, Switzerland
69. Gritty McDuff’s, Portland, ME
70. Halve Maan Brewery, Bruges, Belgium
71. Sapporo Beer Garden, Higashi-ku, Japan
72. Blind Tiger Ale House, New York, NY
73. Brewer’s Art, Baltimore, MD
74. Birreria l’Orso Eletricco, Rome, Italy
75. Pivovarsky Klub, Prague, Czech Republic
76. Stumbling Monk, Seattle, WA
77. Belgo Central, London, England
78. Anchor Brewing Tasting Room, San Francisco, CA
79. Eulogy Belgian Tavern, Philadelphia, PA
80. Arend’s Nest, Amsterdam, Holland
81. The Gravity Bar, Guinness St. James Gate Brewery, Dublin, Ireland
82. The Australian Hotel, Sydney, Australia
83. Zly Casy, Prague, Czech Republic
84. Cooter Brown’s, New Orleans, LA
85. Delerium Café, Brussels, Belgium
86. The Olde Mitre Tavern, Ely Court, London, England
87. Delilah’s, Chicago, Illinois
88. Deschutes Brewery & Publick House, Bend, OR
89. Mahar’s, Albany, NY
90. Nederlands Biercafe ‘t Arendsnest, Amsterdam, Holland
91. Dogfish Head Ale House, Rehoboth Beach, DE
92. Sail and Anchor Brewpub, Fremantle, Australia
93. Mecklenburg Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio
94. The Map Room, Chicago, IL
95. The Publick House, Brookline, MA
96. Gosenschenke Ohne Bedenken, Leipzig, Germany
97. Holiday Ale Festival, Portland, OR
98. Olympen Mat og Vinhus, Oslo, Norway
99. O’Brien’s Pub, San Diego, CA
100. Antares Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
101. Bierproeflokaal In de Wildeman, Amsterdam, Holland
102. beerbistro, Toronto, Canada
103. Charlie’s Bar, Copenhagen, Denmark
104. McSorley’s Ale House, New York, NY
105. Die Weisse, Salzburg, Austria
106. Irseer Klosterbrauerei, Irsee, Germany
107. Max’s Tap House, Baltimore, MD
108. McMenamins Kennedy School Hotel, Portland, OR
109. Chez Moeder Lambic, Brussels, Belgium
110. Sunset Grille & Tap, Boston, MA
111. McNellie’s Bar, Tulsa, OK
112. PINT Bokbierfestival, Amsterdam, Holland
113. Redbones Restaurant, Somerville, MA
114. Sleeping Lady Brewery/Snow Goose Restaurant, Anchorage, AK
115. Russian River Brewing Co., Santa Rosa, CA
116. The Happy Gnome, St. Paul, MN
117. Milltown, Carrboro, NC
118. Zythos Bier Festival, Sint Niklaas, Belgium
119. The Thirsty Monk, Asheville, NC
120. Goose Island Brewing, Chicago, IL
121. Sierra Nevada Brewing, Chico, CA
122. Moan and Dove, Amherst, MA
123. Neuzeller Kloster Brau, Neuzelle, Germany
124. Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield, England
125. Taco Mac, GA & TN
126. American Flatbread Burlington Hearth, Burlington, VT
127. The White Horse Pub, Parsons Green, London, England
128. Tinkoff, Moscow, Russia
129. 5 Seasons Brewing, Atlanta, GA
130. The Church Brew Works, Pittsburgh, PA
131. The Alibi Room, Vancouver, BC
132. Gösser Bierklinik, Vienna, Austria
133. Stockholm Beer & Whiskey Festival, Stockholm, Sweden
134. The Bell, Aldworth, Berkshire, England
135. Brouwerij ‘t Ij, Amsterdam, Holland
136. TY Harbor Brewery, Tokyo, Japan
137. The Heart & Thistle, Halifax, Nova Scotia
138. Ye Olde Chesire Cheese, London, England
139. The Sugar Maple, Milwaukee, WI
140. Mitchell’s Waterfront Brewery & Scottish Ale House, Cape Town, South Africa
141. Kelly’s Caribbean Bar, Grill & Brewery, Key West, FL
142. Cole’s, Buffalo, NY
143. Heineken Brewery, Amsterdam, Holland
144. The Dubliner, Washington, DC
145. Matt Brewery Tasting Room, Utica, NY
146. The Shakespeare, Aukland, New Zealand
147. Boxing Cat Brewery, Shanghai, China
148. Old Ebbitt Grill, Washington, DC
149. Bar 35, Honolulu, Hawaii
150. Mr. Sancho’s Beach, Cozumel, Mexico

Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 162 Drink: Weyerbacher Riserva

Weyerbacher Brewing Co. was founded in 1995 by Dan and Sue Weirback in a former livery stable in Easton, PA.

Riserva is Weyerbacher's first American wild ale, aged in Oak barrels with red raspberry puree and Brettanomyces yeast.

Weyerbacher Riserva pours a bright red color with a thin head. The aroma is a full round berry. The flavor of this 11.4 percent alcohol by volume ale has a great sour base, but plenty of raspberry comes through to balance the ale. The large format bottle is perfect for sharing with several people.

Who Will Win the World Cup? Only One Thing is Certain: There Will Be Beer

The nerves of players from 32 countries are a bit on edge today as the world's biggest sports tournament gets underway in South Africa. Brewers are also experiencing pre-tournament jitters as they brace for a crush of thristy World Cup soccer fans.

South African brewers say they plan to launch a "military operation" to make sure beer fans won't go thirsty. Estimates are that locals and supporters in the country for the World Cup will consume 17 million pints of beer above and beyond what would normally be tossed back in South Africa.

To meet the challenge, South African Breweries says it will use a fleet of refrigerated beer trucks stationed at key areas in major cities so they can be immediately dispatched to bars and stores running low under a wave of celebrating fans.

Which team will win the World Cup? Does the drink in your hand offer any hints? Check out this post for the fearless Lyke2Drink World Cup prediction.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 161 Drink: Brooklyn Summer Ale

Former Associated Press Middle East Reporter Steve Hindy and banker Tom Potter founded Brooklyn Brewery in 1987, contract brewing their first beers at the Matt Brewing Co. in Utica, N.Y. In 1996, Brooklyn began brewing in its namesake city and has been growing ever sense.

The brewery says Brooklyn Summer Ale is styled after English "luncheon" or "family" ales that were brewed from the 1800s until the 1940s. These ales were refreshing and lighter than bitters and IPA.

Brooklyn Summer Ale is a crisp and clear brew that, at 4.5 percent alcohol by volume, is session worthy. The beer pours a light golden color with a fluffy white head. The flavor has a good level of malt, but it is not at all heavy. The hops give the beer a nice citrus finish.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Day 160 Drink: Rogue Old Crustacean Barleywine

Rogue Ales brewmaster John Maier is one of the more versatile and talented beer makers in America. Evidence the fact that Maier created the recipe for Old Crustacean barleywine in 1986 while he was still a homebrewer.

Old Crustacean is a big beer that comes with big numbers: 11.5 percent alcohol by volume. An IBU rating of 120.

Old Crustacean pours a glowing amber color with an off-white head. There is a big pine note to the nose and an amazingly direct hop bitterness from tons of Centennial and Chinook hops. The hops keep coming in layers: pine, spice and citrus dance around different parts of your mouth. This is a big beer even by barleywine standards.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Day 159 Drink: Deschutes Miss Spelt Hefeweizen

The letter from Deschutes Brewery starts off: "Dear Fellow Beer Lover, We invite you to fill the difficult role of "Deschutes Brewery Beer Tester." The letter goes on to explain they want feedback on a beer they have been "experimenting with in our Bend and Portland pubs for the last several months." Two bottles with plain white labels are packed with the letter. So far, so good.

The beer in question is currently being called Miss Spelt Hefeweizen. Beyond that the good folks at Deschutes are pretty tight lipped on this brew, saying they want opinions "unsullied by our explanations." So, in the name of research and better beer everywhere, I chilled down one of the two bottles they shipped my way and cracked open this lab experiment.

Deschutes Miss Spelt Hefeweizen pours a cloudy orange-gold with a nice firm medium-size head. An inviting citrus and banana nose is pretty clear and straightforward. The flavor has the classic banana base, but not overpowering. A minor amount of the expected clove, but way in the background. There is also some good crisp citrus that comes into play and the beer finishes dry. Which encourages the next sip. Very drinkable. If Deschutes is looking for a summer wheat beer entry, they are on the right track.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Day 158 Drink: Cono Sur 20 Barrels 2008 Syrah

Cono Sur Vineyards & Winery was founded in 1993 in Chile with the Andes Mountains to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Atacama Desert to the north and ancient glaciers to the south. The winery has been promoting organic production among Chilean vineyards.

Cono Sur added the Syrah to its range as a limited edition bottling. The wine is made from new vines planted in the Limarí Valley, not far from the Pacific Ocean.

Cono Sur 20 Barrels 2008 Syrah pours a red-purple and has a berry nose. The wine has a slight spice edge with round fruit notes, primarily dominated by plums. Not too big of a wine, but a smooth drink.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Day 157 Drink: Deschutes Hop in the Dark Cascadian Dark Ale

Whether you call it Cascadian Dale Ale or Black IPA, you will realize you cannot trust your eyes when you take the first sip of Deschutes Hop in the Dark Cascadian Dark Ale.

Deschutes brewers ran through 22 test batches at their pubs in Bend and Portland, Ore., over several months before they settled on the final recipe. Hop in the Dark is being released as part of the brewery's Bond Street Series. The brewery uses Cascade, Amarillo, Citra and Centennial hops, with a blend of oats, dark, Munich and crustal malts.

Deschutes Hop in the Dark pours a dark brown with a decent tan head. There is a nice pine hop aroma and the flavor comes hop forward at a solid 70 IBUs. The 6.5 percent alcohol by volume ale has a slight roasted coffee background note and the oats give it a coating mouthfeel, but hops rule the day with this brew. Oregon brewers are talking up this new beer style and it will be interesting to see how it evolves as more breweries take a crack.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Day 156 Drink: Beck's Beer

Beck's is brewed in Bremen, located in northern Germany. The city's coat of arms features a squared key and since 1876 the company has used a key as its trademark. Since Beck's is shipped around the world, the key symbol can translate into any language and be easy to remember.

Brauerei Beck & Co. was locally owned until they were acquired by Interbrew (now Anheuser-Busch InBev) in 2002. The brand is the largest beer export from Germany.

Beck's Beer is a pilsner and pours a golden color with a fluffy white top. The beer has a faint hop nose. The flavor is clean and crisp, with just a slight metalic aftertaste. Pretty typical of continental lagers.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Day 155 Drink: Ram Total Disorder Porter

The Ram is a family-owned restaurant business that traces its roots back to 1971. The company has brewpub locations in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Indiana and Illinois. Plus they operate the Big Horn Brewing Co. I had the chance to stop in the Rosemont, Ill., Ram tonight.

Ram Total Disorder Porter has a glowing brown color with a moderate head. There is a good roasted aroma that has a slightly sweet side. The flavor is full, but not heavy. Good roasted edges, a slight hint of cocoa and solid malt character. A round, well built porter.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Day 154 Drink: Fuller’s London Pride

Fuller Smith & Turner P.L.C. calls itself London's last remaining traditional family brewer. The company runs the Griffin Brewery in Chiswick, along the Thames River, where beer has been made for 350 years. In addition to brewing, the firm runs hotels and 360 pubs around the country.

Fuller’s London Pride pours a copper color with a healthy off white head. This 4.7 percent alcohol by volume ale has a nice hop aroma and good amount of caramelized malt in the flavor profile. If you want to experience British bitter, this is a good place to start.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Day 153 Drink: Hitachino Nest White Ale

The Kiuchi Brewery was founded in 1823 by Kiuchi Gihei, the headman of Kounosu village in Japan. His family collected rice from farmers as land taxes for the Mito Tokugawa family. He came up with the idea of using the remaining rice in the warehouse for brewing.

In 1996 the company launched the Hitachino Nest brand, which has brought international attention to the brewery.

Hitachino Nest White Ale pours a cloudy yellow with a fluffy lacing white head. This 5 percent alcohol by volume Japanese beer starts as you would kind of expect from a Belgian-style white ale, with a slight apple note to the nose and a crisp citrus flavor bed that has traces of coriander. Then a flavor starts to emerge that at first hinted at smoke, but appears to be the nutmeg used in the recipe.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Day 152 Drink: Unibroue Éphémère Apple

Unibroue is located in Chambly, Quebec. The company got its start in 1990 as the dream of André Dion and Serge Racine. The brewery has made a name for itself by making great Belgian-style ales. They have been making Unibroue Éphémère since 2002. The company was acquired in 2004 by Sleeman Breweries, which itself was purchased by Sapporo two years later.

Unibroue Éphémère Apple, at 5.5 percent alcohol by volume, delivers an extremely fresh apple nose and flavor in a slightly cloudy golden colored package. There is a touch of spice accompanying the apple.

Denver Rare Beer Tasting II Tickets Now on Sale

Tickets for the Denver Rare Beer Tasting II, scheduled for Sept. 17 from 1-4 p.m. at the Wynkoop Brewery in Denver, Colo., are now on sale. The event, presented by All About Beer Magazine, is a fundraiser for the Pints for Prostates campaign.

Tickets are $80 each and include tastings of more than 20 rare, exotic and hard to find beers; a chance to meet some of America's top brewers; a tasting glass; beer guide program; and hors d'oeuvres. Only 500 tickets are available to the event, which takes place on the Friday afternoon during the Brewers Association Great American Beer Festival in the Mile High City.

Tickets can be purchased via this secure link.

To read about the 2009 edition of the event click here and to see the list of beers from last year click here.

Denver Rare Beer Tasting organizers are currently contacting brewers to secure beers for this year's event. The beer list will be announced in August.