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Saturday, July 04, 2009

July 4th: Happy Beer Day

Today America turns 233 years old. It's a day to salute the flag, remember the founding fathers, have a backyard barbecue and watch some fireworks. It is also a big day for beer.

The July 4th holiday is the largest selling period each year for beer. Why? Well the event is a near perfect combination of sales opportunities for beer marketers:

-- It's a long weekend and many people tack on vacation time.
-- Family and friends automatically schedule picnics and parties.
-- The weather forecast is almost guaranteed to be hot and sticky.
-- Baseball, NASCAR, Golf and other sporting events pack in spectators.

According to the Nielsen Co., Americans will buy 24 million cases of beer to help celebrate the holiday. So let's lift a mug and say cheers to this great country!

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