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Friday, August 25, 2006

New Malt: Singleton of Dufftown

Do you have a friend who has tried just about every Single Malt on the market? If you happen to by flying internationally through London, Endiburgh or Glasgow, here's your chance to impress them. Diageo has launched a new whisky that will be sold initially only through duty free shops at these airports.

The Singleton of Dufftown will sell for $47.16 for a litre bottle. The 12-year-old Scotch was aged in Bourbon and sherry barrels.


Garrett said...

That's going to be an incredibly tough sell for the time being, considering that there is no legal way to purchase this product at any UK airport, unless you drink it before you board your plane.

Rick Lyke said...

You've made a very good point. I know that in many international airports you can buy from the duty free and have your purchases delivered staright to the plane. The items are then given to you as you leave the plane at the end of your trip. I'm not sure how the U.K. has adapted, but the timing on this introduction was bad.

Anonymous said...

I just returned from London after a two week business trip and tried it at the Heathrow test tasting bar on Saturday. I was dismayed to discover that I could not purchase it because of the problem discussed above. Delivery to the plane did not seem to be an option. With it's introduction limited in this way, there's no chance of getting a bottle home. What a PITA.

tonymccann said...

What is the problem? - I am a uk Citizen and travelled LHR to Tulsa via chicago - I purchased the whisky at LHR -had t as hand luggage to Chicago then put itin my case - tastes v good

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I bought it the other day when flying from Heathrow to Stockholm. No problem at all to carry liquids as hand luggage if you by them at the airport.
Haven't tried it yet though.

blueflyer said...

It's a shame that Singleton is so hard to purchase. Blessedly, I live between the US and the UK and pick it up in duty free while coming through Glasgow Airport. Once all liquids are safely tucked away in your checked baggage, a bottle or 2 of Singleton fits nicely in my carry-on!
Singleton is one of the best, smoothest Scotches ever! If Duty Free happens before security, buy your product, put it in your checked luggage and then PRAY!
Hope ALL who get the chance to try Singleton will be able to find a LEGAL way to get it home.
Best of Luck and Slainte!

Anonymous said...

bought a bottle at gatwick on the way home to canada, convinced by the delicious sample I was offered at the duty free shop ... unfortunately, there must be something very wrong with my bottle (it tastes a bit flat and has a bitter aftertaste) ... it seems a bit of a scam for gullible travellers as now I've no way to return it to the shop (can't take it in hand luggage) and no way to figure out if this is how it's supposed to taste ... I don't think any of you are missing out, honestly

blueflyer said...

I LOVE Singleton!! I buy it every time I'm through Glasgow! I was told that it was only being put in Duty Free shops as a way to market it to those who live overseas. I'm lucky enough to buy it in Glasgow, as Duty Free is in place AFTER you go through security. As a crewmember, even WE can't carry liquids through security, so I'd advise anyone who can, buy it and then put it in your checked luggage! Otherwise, you'll be saying goodbye to an excellent nectar!!