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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Weekend Watering Hole: 100 Places to Have a Beer Before You Die

As a regular weekend feature, Lyke2Drink will visit some of the world's great watering holes. This week we depart a bit from our normal single location review to publish a list we hope might start some conversations, and perhaps a little debate.

Here's the Lyke2Drink 100 Places to Have a Beer Before You Die:

1. Great American Beer Festival, Denver, Colo.
2. Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium.
3. U Flecku, Prague, Czech Republic.
4. Great British Beer Festival, Earls Court, London, U.K.
5. Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany.
6. Augustiner Keller, Munich, Germany.
7. Abbaye de Notre-Dame d’Orval, Orval, Belgium.
8. The Gravity Bar, Guinness St James's Gate Brewery, Dublin, Ireland.
9. Monk’s Café, Philadelphia, Pa.
10. The Great Canadian Beer Festival, Vancouver, BC.
11. Hofbrauhaus, Munich, Germany.
12. Clark Street Ale House, Chicago, Ill.
13. Sand Lot Brewery, Coors Field, Denver, Colo
14. The Brickskeller, Washington, DC
15. Rick’s Café, Negril, Jamaica.
16. The Market Porter, Stoney Street, London, U.K.
17. Cat’s Eye Pub, Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Md.
18. Seats on top of the Green Monster in Fenway Park, Boston, Mass.
19. Mondial de la biere, Montreal, Quebec.
20. Horizon’s Café, CN Tower, Toronto, Ontario.
21. Clubhouse Box Seats at the Saratoga Race Course, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.
22. Beer Club Popeye, Tokyo, Japan.
23. The Publick House, Brookline, Mass.
24. Infield at Daytona International Speedway, Daytona Beach, Fla.
25. Henry’s 12th Street Tavern, Portland, Oregon.
26. French Quarter during Mardis Gras, New Orleans, La.
27. Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy.
28. Zum Uerige, Dusseldorf, Germany.
29. Toronado, San Francisco, Calif.
30. The Lamb, Lamb’s Conduit St., London, U.K.
31. Turn 4 Suites at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis, Ind.
32. Rogue Brewery, Newport, Oregon.
33. The Wynkoop Brewery, Denver, Colo.
34. Spuyten Duyvil, Brooklyn, N.Y.
35. Great Lakes Brewing, Cleveland, Ohio
36. McMenamin's Kennedy School Hotel, Portland, Oregon.
37. Atelier am Dom, Cologne, Germany.
38. Anchor Brewing Tasting Room, San Francisco, Calif.
39. Hopleaf Bar, Chicago, Ill.
40. The Flying Saucer, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas
41. Arend’s Nest, Amsterdam, Holland.
42. Blues Bar, Stone Town, Zanzibar.
43. Tailgating at a Southeastern Conference Football Game
44. Selin’s Grove Brewing, Selinsgrove, Pa.
45. The Great Lost Bear, Portland, Maine.
46. The Map Room, Chicago, Ill.
47. The Blue Tusk, Syracuse, N.Y.
48. Woolwich Arms, Guelph, Ontario.
49. Beach Bar at the Atlantis Hotel, Paradise Island, Bahamas.
50. The White Horse Pub, Parsons Green, London, U.K.
51. Redbones Restaurant, Somerville, Mass.
52. Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel, Sydney, Australia.
53. Falling Rock Tap House, Denver, Colo.
54. Sleeping Lady Brewery/Snow Goose Restaurant, Anchorage, Alaska.
55. In de Wildeman, Amsterdam, Holland.
56. Andechs, Boston, Mass.
57. Charlie’s Bar, Copenhagen, Denmark.
58. PINT Bokbierfestival, Amsterdam, Holland.
59. Sierra Nevada Brewing, Chico, Calif.
60. Krcma, Ceske Krumlov, Czech Republic.
61. Sapporo Beer Garden, Higashi-ku, Japan.
62. Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, Michigan.
63. Sail and Anchor Brewpub, Freemantle, Australia.
64. F.X. Matt Brewery Tasting Room, Utica, N.Y.
65. Delerium Café, Brussels, Belgium
66. Birreria l’Orso Eletricco, Rome, Italy.
67. Gosser Bierklinik, Vienna, Austria.
68. Bariloche Ski Resort in Rio Negro, Argentina.
69. d.b.a., New York, N.Y.
70. Brewer’s Art, Baltimore, Maryland.
71. Au General Lafayette, Paris, France.
72. The Schlenkerla, Bamberg, Germany.
73. De Hopduvel, Antwerp, Belgium.
74. Die Weisse, Salzburg, Austria
75. Halve Maan Brewery, Bruges, Belgium.
76. Tinkoff, Moscow, Russia.
77. Le Bier Circus, Brussels, Belgium
78. TY Harbor Brewery, Tokyo, Japan.
79. Irseer Klosterbrauerei, Irsee, Germany.
80. Stockholm Beer & Whiskey Festival, Stockholm, Sweden.
81. Goose Island Brewing, Chicago, Ill.
82. Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
83. Brewery Ommegang, Cooperstown, N.Y.
84. Deschutes Brewery & Publick House, Bend, Oregon.
85. Baumgartner’s Cheese Store & Tavern, Monroe, Wisc.
86. Icebergs Bar, Sydney, Australia.
87. Cantillon Brewery and Gueuze Museum, Belgium.
88. Belgo Central, London, England.
89. Bruxellensis Festival of Characterful Beers, Brussels, Belgium.
90. Felix in The Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong.
91. Brasserie Federal, Bahnhof Zurich, Switzerland.
92. Heineken Brewery, Amsterdam, Holland.
93. Clark’s Ale House, Syracuse, N.Y.
94. The Shakespeare, Aukland, New Zealand.
95. Mahar’s, Albany, N.Y.
96. Steamworks Brewing, Vancouver, B.C.
97. Cooter Brown’s, New Orleans, La.
98. McSorley’s Ale House, New York, N.Y.
99. Kelly’s Caribbean Bar, Grill & Brewery, Key West, Fla.
100.Rose & Crown Pub, Epcot Center, Orlando, Fla.


grove said...

Akkurat Restaurang & Bar (Stockholm), 't Brugs Beertje (Brugge) and Kulminator (Antwerpen) all surely deserves a place in that list. :)

KevBrews said...

I'd like to see NERAX (New England Real Ale Exhibition) [in Somerville, MA] added to the list, too. Scores and scores of cask-conditioned ales from the US and the UK.

Anonymous said...

wynkoop brewery? they've gone downhill and they weren't that great before...scratch that one.

Anonymous said...

Deschutes Brewery should be higher, two dollar Tuesdays!!! Also, missing is Mellow Mushroom in Charlottesville, VA and American Flatbread Burlington, Vermont..

Anonymous said...

Planning trip to Rome in June and cannot find #67 Birreria l'Orso Eletricco anywhere. Any info would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

You may want to look into Federal Jack's Brewpub in Kennebunkport, Me especially in the fall.

larry said...

Hi Rick

We need to get you to Belgium Comes To Cooperstown in August 2008. 250+ Belgian and Belgian style beers, 6 bands, food, food,food, falconry, outdoor movies, camping, hot showers, bonfires, stars overhead. Did I mention 250+ Belgian and Belgian-style beers? That should move us into the top ten, at least :-)


GingahLane said...

@Anonymous 10.33

It's at Via Calderini, 64