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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Flying Saucer Ring of Honor

The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium has a neat customer loyalty program. Show up enough times and drink enough different brews and your name goes on the wall.

Tonight was my night at the Charlotte location. With a good number of family members along for the ride and the Charlotte Beer Club added in for good measure, my plate was unveiled. I started the journey back in December of 2003, long before moving to Charlotte. It required about 70 trips (they have a three beer per visit limit), mostly during the last three years since I moved to the area. I pulled the list of beers and was amazed by the range and the story it told about some of my favorite breweries. You can check them out below.

If you have a chance to stop at one of the 13 Flying Saucer locations, take a look at some of the sayings on the plates. You'll get a laugh or two. I also think you will find the staff at each location knows its beer. That's something we should expect more often, but sadly often don't find when we visit a local tavern. The Flying Saucer sets the standard in this key category.

Abita Purple Haze (draught)
Allagash White (draught)
Anchor Christmas 2005 (draught)
Anchor Christmas 2006 (draught)
Anchor Christmas 2007 (draught)
Anchor Porter (draught)
Anchor Steam (draught)
Arcobrau Dark Lager (BTL) (bottled)
Avery 13 (BTL) (bottled)
Avery 15 (BTL) (bottled)
Avery Czar (BTL) (bottled)
Avery Ellie's Brown Ale (BTL) (bottled)
Avery Hog Heaven (draught)
Avery IPA (draught)
Avery Kaiser (draught)
Avery Maharaja (draught)
Avery New World Porter (draught)
Avery Old Jubilation (draught)
Battlefield Bock (draught)
Beamish Stout (draught)
Becks Dark (BTL) (bottled)
Belhaven Scottish Ale (draught)
Bells 8000 (draught)
Bells Double Cream Stout (BTL) (bottled)
Bells Expedition Stout (draught)
Bells Hop Slam (draught)
Bells Java Stout (draught)
Bells Oberon (draught)
Bells Porter (draught)
Bells Two Hearted Ale (draught)
Blanche De Bruxelles (draught)
Bosteels Pauwel Kwak (BTL) (bottled)
Breckenridge 471 Imperial IPA (draught)
Bridgeport IPA (draught)
Brooklyn Abbey Single (draught)
Brooklyn Antwerpen Ale (draught)
Brooklyn Blanche de Brooklyn (draught)
Brooklyn Brooklynator (draught)
Brooklyn Oktoberfest (draught)
Brooklyn Smoked Weissbock (draught)
Brugse Zot (draught)
Carlsberg (draught)
Carolina Flight (draught)
Catawba Valley Brown Bear (draught)
Charleston East Bay IPA (draught)
Chimay Cinq Cents (draught)
Chimay Grand Reserve (BTL) (bottled)
Chimay Premiere (BTL) (bottled)
Corsendonk Christmas (draught)
Cottonwood Almond Stout (draught)
Cottonwood American Wheat (draught)
Cottonwood Endo IPA (draught)
Cottonwood Frostbite (draught)
Cottonwood Irish Red (draught)
Cottonwood Pumpkin Ale (draught)
Cottonwood Scottish Ale (draught)
DeKoninck Ale (BTL) (bottled)
Delirium Nocturnum (BTL) (bottled)
Delirium Noel (BTL) (bottled)
Delirium Tremens (draught)
Dinkel-Acker Dark (draught)
Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA (BTL) (bottled)
Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA (BTL) (bottled)
Dogfish Head Chateau Jiahu (BTL) (bottled)
Dogfish Head Chicory Stout (draught)
Dogfish Head Festina Peche (draught)
Dogfish Head Immort Ale (draught)
Dogfish Head Indian Brown (BTL) (bottled)
Dogfish Head Palo Santo (draught)
Dos Equis Amber (draught)
Duck Rabbit Baltic Porter (draught)
Duck Rabbit Milk Stout (draught)
Duck Rabbit Porter (BTL) (bottled)
Duck Rabbit Rabid Duck (draught)
Edenton Winter Cheer Royal Stout (draught)
Export 33 (BTL) (bottled)
Flying Dog Tire Bite (draught)
Flying Dog Wild Dog Barrel-Aged Gonzo (draught)
Foothills Festive Ale (draught)
Foothills Gruffmeister 8 (draught)
Foothills Oktoberfest (draught)
Foothills Rainbow Trout ESB (draught)
Foothills Salem Gold (draught)
Foothills Seeing Double IPA (draught)
Foothills Sexual Chocolate (draught)
Foothills Torch Pilsner (draught)
Fullers London Porter (BTL) (bottled)
Fullers Vintage 2001 (BTL) (bottled)
Fullers Vintage 2007 (BTL) (bottled)
Gaffel Kolsch (draught)
Great Divide Fresh Hop (BTL) (bottled)
Great Divide Hades (BTL) (bottled)
Great Divide Hercules IPA (BTL) (bottled)
Great Divide Hibernation (BTL) (bottled)
Great Divide St Bridget's Porter (BTL) (bottled)
Great Divide Titan IPA (BTL) (bottled)
Great Divide Yeti (draught)
Green Flash Hop Head Red (draught)
Grolsch Amber (BTL) (bottled)
Guinness (draught)
Harp Lager (draught)
Harpoon Oktoberfest (draught)
Harpoon Weizenbock (draught)
HeBrew Monumental Jewbelation (BTL) (bottled)
Helles Angel (draught)
Highland Cold Mountain (draught)
Highland Gaelic (draught)
Highland Oatmeal Porter (draught)
Highland Shining Rock Lager (draught)
Highland Tasgall Scotch Ale (draught)
J.W. Lees Manchester Star (BTL) (bottled)
Jever Pilsner (BTL) (draught)
Kasteel Rouge (draught)
Kind Pale Ale (BTL) (bottled)
Koningshoeven Dubbel (BTL) (bottled)
Labatt Blue (draught)
Left Hand Black Jack Porter (draught)
Left Hand Milk Stout (draught)
Left Hand Sawtooth Amber (draught)
Leinenkugels Sunset Wheat (draught)
Leute Bok (draught)
Lindemans Cassis (draught)
Lindemans Framboise (draught)
Lost Coast 8-Ball (BTL) (bottled)
Lost Coast Indica IPA (draught)
Mackeson XXX Stout (BTL) (bottled)
Maredsous 10 (BTL) (bottled)
Maredsous 8 (draught)
Maredsous 6 (draught)
Murphys Irish Stout (draught)
New Holland Mad Hatter IPA (draught)
New South Dark Star (draught)
New South Oktoberfest (draught)
North Coast Old Rasputin (draught)
North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner (draught)
Orval Trappist (BTL) (bottled)
Oskar Blues Dales Pale Ale (CAN) (bottled)
Otter Creek Mud Bock (draught)
Paulaner Hefe-Weizen (draught)
Piraat Triple (draught)
Pyramid Hefeweizen (draught)
RJ Rockers Fish Paralyzer (draught)
Red Oak (draught)
Rogue 10,000 (BTL) (bottled)
Rogue Altbier (draught)
Rogue Charlie 1981 (draught)
Rogue Glen Ale (draught)
Rogue Hop Heaven (draught)
Rogue Imperial Red (draught)
Rogue Integrity IPA (draught)
Rogue Menage A Frog (draught)
Rogue Mogul (draught)
Rogue XS Old Crustacean (BTL) (bottled)
Rogue Yellow Snow (draught)
Sam Adams Boston Lager (draught)
Samuel Smith Winter Welcome 07 (BTL) (bottled)
Sapporo (BTL) (bottled)
Saranac Pomegranate Wheat (draught)
Scotch de Silly (draught)
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot (BTL) (bottled)
Sierra Nevada Celebration 2005 (draught)
Sierra Nevada Celebration 2006 (draught)
Sierra Nevada Celebration 2007 (draught)
Sierra Nevada ESB (draught)
Sierra Nevada Harvest (draught)
Sierra Nevada Porter (draught)
Sierra Nevada Summerfest (draught)
Smithwicks Ale (draught)
Southampton Double White (BTL) (bottled)
Spaten Bock (draught)
Spaten Franziskaner Dunkel Weisse (draught)
Spaten Franziskaner Hefe-Weiss (draught)
Spaten Lager (draught)
Spaten Oktoberfest (draught)
Spaten Optimator (draught)
St. Bernardus Abt 12 (BTL) (bottled)
St. Bernardus Wit (BTL) (bottled)
Terrapin Oak Aged Rye Squared (draught)
Terrapin Rye Pale Ale (draught)
Thomas Creek Jingle Bell Bock (draught)
Thomas Creek Vanilla Cream (draught)
Unibroue Don De Dieu (BTL) (bottled)
Unibroue Ephemere (draught)
Unibroue Maudite (BTL) (bottled)
Unibroue Trois Pistoles (draught)
Val Dieu Blond (draught)
Victory 10 Year Alt (draught)
Victory Abbey Six (draught)
Victory Golden Monkey (draught)
Victory Prima Pilsner (draught)
Warsteiner Dunkel (draught)
Weeping Radish Black Lager (BTL) (bottled)
Westmalle Dubbel (BTL) (bottled)
Westmalle Tripel (BTL) (bottled)
Weyerbacher Hops Infusion (BTL) (bottled)
Wolavers Brown (draught)
Wolavers Oatmeal Stout (draught)
Wolavers Pale (BTL) (bottled)
Youngs Double Chocolate Stout (draught)
Youngs Oatmeal Stout (draught)

1 comment:

The American Don said...

Congratulations. I've got only 46 beers and I've been doing this for about 15 months. Sadly the Houston location is downtown and it's about a 20 mile drive for me. Add in another $8 for gas. But the Sauce is where its at. It's how I got into serious beer tasting in the first place.