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Sunday, May 20, 2007

NASCAR Legend Junior Johnson Back in the Moonshine Business

Junior Johnson is a living legend among NASCAR fans. He connects the sport's colorful past when moonshiners would gather to see who really had the fastest car to today's world of multi-million dollar sponsorship deals. Now Johnson has come full circle and is back in the moonshine business.

Piedmont Distillers and Johnson have teamed up to roll out Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon. Piedmont also makes Catdaddy Carolina Moonshine.

As part of the deal Johnson is now one of the owners of Piedmont Distillers. The company claims to operate the only legal still in North Carolina, although at least one other is now getting ready to launch near Raleigh. Its moonshine can be found in eight states, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, Illinois, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.

This is not Johnson's first time in the moonshine business. Johnson was a driver making deliveries for his father's illegal moonshine still. His skills ended up getting him involved in NASCAR, where as a driver Johnson won 50 races, 10th on the all-time list. He later became a team owner, winning 139 races and six NASCAR series championships.

Piedmont Distillers is located in Madison, N.C., in the town’s former train station built in 1915.


Jonathan said...


Anonymous said...

Liston here Y'All!!! JuniorJohnson is and allways will be the start or at least a BIG part of the genuine begining of NASCAR.tr...His roots are in moonshine & shine runnin. For anyone who is even remotely familior with Nascar, you would allready know that Junior Johnson is simply going back to his family roots. I must say ...I don't blame him! Signed...

R.S.J 8/29/07

Anonymous said...

"Moonshine Madness" is so so, it tastes like Smirnoff, great marketing, but not great 'shine! I was born and raised in Tennessee, home of the BEST 'shine in the world. If you want the one, the only, take a little drive up Monteagle Mountain, home of the BEST 'shine ever made!

Anonymous said...

Monteagle TN moonshine might be better, but is it legal?

Anonymous said...

where can you get legal or other shine in al