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Friday, August 31, 2007

Beer Blogging Friday: One Week to Gather a Menagerie

With the passing of Michael Jackson, Beer Blogging Friday founder Stan Hieronymus and I have decided to dedicate next week's event to Michael's memory. His influence on beer journalism and beer appreciation is a great gift that he gave to all. Here's to The Beer Hunter.

Just a week to go before the next Beer Blogging Friday. The Brew Zoo is the topic selected for The Session #7. The basic rule is that either the brewery or the beer must have a real live creature in its name. We will also allow beers with prominent animal label art (think Geary's Ale from Maine and its Lobster) to be added to the Brew Zoo.

Why pick a whimsical topic like this for such a serious event as Beer Blogging Friday? I know I'm out of the edge on this one, but perhaps I am just a little bit concerned about the impact of global warming on the temperature of my beer and the resulting endangered species status of some hard to find animal brews. Has anyone seen an Emu Bitter lately? How about a 12-Horse Ale? I hear rumors of rare sightings of these brews, but could our critter beers be headed for extinction? That's right, I said it. Extinction. Don't think it could happen to your favorite brew? Extinction. It's real. My taste buds can hardly remember the last time they wrapped themselves around a Catamount Amber Ale from Vermont, Rhino Chasers Dark Lager from California or a Black Horse Ale from New York. I never even had the chance to gulp a Blue Hen Beer, Goat's Breath Bock, Jack Rabbit Pale Ale or Bubba Dog Beer. They are all gone. Extinction. Yes, it is real and some of our best critter beers are threatened.

Consider next Friday your chance to fight back and load some of your favorite mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and other such critters on a virtual Noah's Ark of Beer. The process is easy. Go out and bag a critter beer and make some tasting notes. Post them on your blog, the email me the link at rick.lyke@gmail.com. I promise to take my zookeeper status seriously and do a complete round up of the posts so that everyone can marvel at the menagerie.

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