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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nominees for Dumbest Crooks with Beer in a Supporting Role

There is no doubt that indulging in excessive amounts of alcohol can lead humans to do stupid things. When it comes to criminal activity, alcohol also usually makes it much easier for police to catch the crooks. If you don't believe me, here are four brief police blotter entries that have moved across the wires this week.

You can start asking "What were they thinking?," now and avoid the rush.

Port St. Lucie, Fla. -- A woman, 23, told police she really could not believe she was being arrested for stealing “the cheapest beer made,” as she and her male accomplice, 22, were being placed in a patrol car. The pair had removed a 12-pack of Natural Light Ice, which sells for $6.29, from a Cumberland Farms store at 2:15 a.m. The problem was the clerk had told them the store could not legally sell them the beer after 2 a.m. Police report the man allegedly got upset and started a disturbance. He grabbed the Natural Light, tossed a $10 bill on the counter, yelling an expletive at the clerk and pushing another shopper out of the way as the pair exited the store. The police found the couple later, but no beer could be submitted for evidence since it had already been consumed.

Linwood, Kansas -- Police are investigating reports that a 29-year-old man repeatedly drove his car into the side of a local home after residents refused him a beer. A couple in the house say the man was intoxicated when he showed up at their home, so they refused to give him a beer and escorted him back to his vehicle. That's when the driver allegedly drove his car at the male resident of the home, who made it safely inside. The car struck the house. The driver pulled away and then backed his car into the house for emphasis. An arrest has not yet been made.

Temple, Texas -- The reign of terror caused by the "Texas Beer Bandit" appears to be over with the arrest of a 17 year old. In three crimes the teenager is alleged to have robbed convenience stores of a case of beer each. Reports say the crook would enter the store, grab a case of beer and while walking out of the store throw a can or bottle at the clerk behind the counter. Police had plenty of store surveillance video to use in their investigation. The thief ended up in Bell County Jail waiting for someone to post $60,000 in bail.

De Soto, Mo. — Three unidentified men are under arrest after an incident at Fish's Quick Stop. The store clerk says that a naked man entered the store wearing only a mask and proceed to do a hula dance. Police believe this was an attempt to create a distraction while another man allegedly removed a case of beer from the store without paying. Perhaps it was the quality of the dancing, but the plan did not work. The clerk called police and with the help of a license plate number jotted down by a customer the police arrested the dancer, the beer thief and the getaway car driver. The trio, ages 19-23, face shoplifting and indecent exposure charges.


Anonymous said...

First of all you don't need to be posting stuff like that about my brother(randall)! You don't know half the stuff that he has been through! Posting things like calling people dumb is just not right! Does that make you feel better about yourself because it is doing no good to him except making him feel like people do not like him! everyone eventually makes mistakes in their life and this was his! he has learned from it! You people need to learn how to keep things like that to yourself!

Anonymous said...

Iam shocked you are able to write crap like this on line. My daughter is Pamela (23). You should really read the report better and get your facts straight. Ever time her name is entered on Google your story appears and the facts are incorrect. Needless to say she did nothing wrong and was not even in the store. All charges were dropped. Do you know how this type of blog can hurt her? Do you even care? I believe in freedom of speach, however not when you can't get the facts right!

Rick Lyke said...

Dear Anonymous I & Anonymous II:

I want to say that I believe I got the facts right in each of these cases and, as stated in my blog post, each of the four items about crimes involving alcohol were taken directly from wire service reports that moved on the crimes. I think the comment made by Anonymous II that "All charges were dropped," speaks volumes.

That said, I also believe in the statement made by Anonymous I that "everyone eventually makes mistakes in their life and this was his! he has learned from it!" We were all young adults once and, while most of us did not rob items from convenience stores, we each likely did something we now regret.

For that reason, I've decided to remove the specific names from this blog post. The intent of this blog is not to punish or hurt people, especially young adults who may have made a mistake they now regret. I hope they both lead happy, productive lives.