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Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Brew Zoo: 33 Bloggers Contribute to the Menagerie

The month's edition of The Session is dedicated to Michael Jackson, who passed away in London on Aug. 30th. Michael was an inspiration to drinks journalists and helped remind the world of the significant part that beer plays in our daily lives, culture and history. Michael became known as The Beer Hunter, after the name of his television series. With this in mind, I think The Beer Hunter would have been proud of the animal beers bagged by the blogging community on Friday.

We had 33 bloggers take part in The Session #7. They delivered the following to the gates of The Brew Zoo:

11 Dogs
1 Cat
1 Lion
1 Wolf
4 Monkeys
3 Moose
2 Squirrels
1 Goat
2 Horses
4 Elephants
2 Hogs
1 Duck
1 Rabbit
1 Duck Rabbit
1 Badger
1 Cow
1 Camel
2 Otter
1 Stag
1 Seal
1 Ram
1 Pine Marten
3 Hawks
1 Owl
1 Buzzard
1 Swallow
1 Eagle
2 Cocks
1 Hen
3 Geese
2 Turtles
1 Frog
1 Snake
1 Snail
1 Dogfish
1 Tuna
1 Trout
3 Fish
1 Crustacean
1 Dragon
1 Griffin
1 Bigfoot

We may need a bigger zoo!

The Session #8 in October is being hosted by Captain Hops over at Beer Haiku Daily. I cannot wait to hear the lyrical assignment.

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