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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Paul Newman Launches California Wine

Paul Newman stars in one of my favorite movies of all-time. The Sting? No, but that is admittedly a good flick. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? Another nice movie, but no. The Hustler? Nope. The Color of Money? While he did win the best actor Oscar for this one (he was nominated for Oscars eight other times and received an Honorary Oscar the year before The Color of Money was eligible) it is not my favorite. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof? Not a chance. The Verdict? Please, you have to do better than that guess. Cool Hand Luke? Great movie, but it looks like we are having a failure to communicate.

I'm talking about a role that went largely unrecognized by the award show pundits (it did win the Best Foreign Language Film award at the Hochi Eiga Shou competition in Japan), but still has a loyal following 30 years later: Slap Shot. Newman has played enough iconic roles to fill a barroom, but the character I'd most like to meet in real life and buy a drink is Charlestown Chiefs Coach Reggie Dunlop.

While Reg Dunlop would likely order a beer or a Crown Royal, the real life Newman now has his own wine label. Newman’s Own 2006 California Chardonnay and Newman’s Own 2006 California Cabernet Sauvignon are scheduled to hit stores in 2008.

To launch the wine, Newman worked with the Rebel Wine Co., a collaboration of Three Thieves and Trinchero Family Estates. The wines, made from grapes sourced in the Central Coast appellation, will be priced at $16.

Since being introduced 25 years Newman's Own products have raised more than $200 million and distributed the funds to hundreds of charities. Paul Newman and the Newman’s Own Foundation donate all profits and royalties after taxes to educational and charitable purposes.

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