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Friday, October 10, 2008

Waiter, There's a Hop in My Glass

Before heading over to the Colorado Convention Center for the first GABF session we stopped at the Hyatt Hotel for a reception hosted by Michelob Brewing Co.

The good folks from St. Louis are busy creating a separate identity for their brands. This shrimp-filled reception on the 27th floor of the hotel overlook the Denver skyline is part of the process.

The brewers at Michelob have been busy. The Michelob Dunkel Weisse has been chronicled here before.

At this event I tried four of their beers. There was a rather average Marzen, a malty Porter and two experimental beers. The "Koelsch" was crisp and clean, but the surprise came in the form of a bottle with a white label with the words "Bride of Tomahop."

When this beer was poured something made a noticable "plop" in the glass. The aroma of fresh hops was clear and soon a full hop cone floated to the top of the brew. I doubt this beer will see a commercial release anytime soon, but I found it refreshing that Michelob would even bring it to Denver to share with beer writers.

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