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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Reason to Hate Beer Pong

I've never been a big fan of drinking games. Even in my younger days I really just did not get the point. I've always considered drinking to be more of a social event than a competition.

I never did the beer funnel thing. I remember being pressured into participating in a couple of games of quarters, but I kept thinking about where that change had been. Pretty gross. And chugging just never did it for me. That's why the current fascination with beer pong just is lost on me.

Now Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y., has given me all the reason I ever need to just say no to beer pong. The school has announced that several students have contracted the H1N1 flu after a weekend beer pong competition.

Dr. Leslie Lawrence, medical director at RPI's health center, is asking students not to share drinking cups. That should pretty much end beer pong at RPI, unless the students come up with an endless supply of plastic cups so they can switch them out after each successful shot.

The kids at RPI are pretty smart. The question is are they smart enough to listen to Dr. Lawrence?


Juggler314 said...

believe me beer pong wont go away, the endless supply of solo cups is just a dollar store away.

Ken Moorhead said...

The few dozen games of Beirut I played during undergrad, we just as frequently filled the cups with water and had beers or mixed drinks on the side. Was especially nice for BYOB shindigs or the times the ladies wanted to play but not drink beer.

But no, beer pong (Beirut) isn't going away. Worse, bags and ladder golf (is that what it's called?) seem to be gaining popularity.