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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 230 Drink: Bakon Vodka

Black Rock Spirits is the company behind Bakon Vodka. The Seattle-based firm recently announced an expansion of distribution so that consumers in 20 states can now get the meat flavored spirit.

Bakon Vodka is distilled using Idaho potatoes in a column still and the smoky flavor that is infused in the vodka appears tailor made for making a variation on the classic Bloody Mary.

Bakon Vodka announces its presences in a big smoked ham kind of way. The vodka is colorless, but the aroma is huge. The flavor is a mouth coating combination of protien, fat and smoke. Basically, it delivers on the bacon promise. Not great for drinking straight, but it does offer some interesting possibilities in cocktails.


Kevin said...

Was there too much vodka flavor? That would be the only reason I wouldn't want to drink it straight. I am still waiting for Scrapple Vodka here in Philly. Scrappletini anyone?

Mutineer Magazine said...

Everything is better with bacon! Loved your most recent article in All About Beer! Cheers -


Anonymous said...

Nuts to this stuff. I've had it, and it's nothing to good old-fashioned bacon infused vodka. I've made a few batches, and it's always a hit. Best uses are the Bacon-chocolatini and the Bacon Vesper.