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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 238 Drink: Fegley's Brewworks Hop'Solutely Triple India Pale Ale

Sometime you find beers because you are looking for them. Other times they kind of find you. That was the case with Fegley's Brewworks Hop'Solutely Triple India Pale Ale.

Sandy and I were driving from Charlotte to Saratoga Springs. It is a long drive, 11+ hours. We usually break the drive up along the way when we are heading back to New York. We would fly, but we like the freedom of having our own vehicle for hauling things up to friends and back home (somehow we end up at the Christmas Tree Store in Albany or Syracuse during these adventures) and it gives us time to talk. With our busy lives we remember things we had forgot to tell one another and we get to hash things out that are on our minds.

On this trip near the Pennsylvania and New Jersey border I decided to pull off I-78 for gas and while pumping fuel noticed the service station had a ton of craft beer neons. I had to go inside to investigate. They had a couple of taps, yes, taps at a gas station and a cooler with some interesting brews. One brewery caught my eye because I had never had the beer before. I bought a 750ml of Fegley's Brewworks Hop'Solutely Triple India Pale Ale from Allentown. It was just hot enough in Charlotte tonight that I had to crack it open to go along with the grilled chicken; roasted red peppers; and apple, jicama and ginger slaw that Sandy had made.

Fegley's Brewworks Hop'Solutely Triple India Pale Ale is a big 11.5 percent alcohol by volume bottle conditioned ale. It pours a cloudy orange gold color with an amazingly big fluffy white head of foam. The beer has a rolling floral nose that stays throughout. I had expected a huge hop bitterness because of the "Triple" IPA on the label and clearly the hops are on full display. But this brew has a strong malt backbone. Just as the hops start to dominate, a good amount of sweetness from the barley comes in to balance the ale.

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