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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Weekend Watering Hole: Tim Schafer's at Lake Norman, Sherrills Ford, N.C.

As a regular weekend feature, Lyke2Drink will visit some of the world's great watering holes. This week we stop at a restaurant north of Charlotte that features beer from the pint glass to the plate.

Tim Schafer's at Lake Norman
7343 Gabriel Street
Sherrills Ford, N.C. 28673

On a recent Friday night we went with friends to check at Tim Schafer's at Lake Norman, a restaurant focused on beer cuisine. Chef Schafer was trained at the Culinary Institute of America and ran a successful restaurant in New Jersey before relocating to North Carolina. He bills himself as The Brewchef and has appeared on the Food Network and HGTV.

The restaurant is not exactly easy to find, but for beer lovers and people who enjoy good food it is worth the hunt.

The beer menu is a romp through a variety of styles, featuring some great American micros and European craft beers. We passed several bottles around the table for everyone to sample, including Orval, DeKoninck, Konings Hoven, St. Bernardus, Spaten Optimator and Trois Pistoles.

We enjoyed several different appetizers and for dinner were very pleased with the double cut stuffed pork chops and the sweet sea scallops. Several desserts were on target, with the Beerimisu a real hit. Beerimisu is Schafer's creation that combines honey ale enhanced mascarpone mouse is surrounded by stout and ale laced lady fingers for a great end to a beer meal.

The cuisine at Time Schafer's is several cuts above the standard brewpub fare and so is the menu pricing. All-in-all the restaurant elevates the beer dining experience to a height very seldom seen.


Anonymous said...

lake norman rocks!!

Anonymous said...

Great write-up! I had no idea Tim Schafer's at Lake Norman existed...in Sherrills Ford no less. I love learning about new and unusual restaurants around here. Thanks! If you want to post on my blog: www.bestrealestatelakenorman.com I would love to spread the news!

Anonymous said...

Tim Schafer was a guest chef on my cooking show ..and we got more response from his show than any other guest chef in 2007-08. Look for Bud Dowdey's Outdoor Kitchen on the Food Network. Fall 2009.
Thanks Time for a great show...
Bud Dowdey