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Monday, March 12, 2007

Islay Distillery to Reopen After 80 Year Hiatus

There's further proof, this time out of Scotland, that a whisky renaissance is in full swing. Bruichladdich says it plans to reopen a distillery in Port Charlotte on Islay that has been closed for 80 years.

The move is part of a number of recent announcements by distillers in North America and Europe regarding expansion plans at existing facilities and new construction. The demand for quality whisky is growing and creating opportunities. The difficulty for many distillers is that stocks of aged whisky take years to build, so forecasting demand seven, 12 and even 15 or more years down the road can be a difficult task.

Guess too high and you will have warehouses full of aged whisky that could end up in lower priced blends. Guess too low and potential profitable sales are missed.

Bruichladdich previously reopened a closed distillery on Islay in 2001. The company says its mission is to keep part of the Scotch whisky making heritage under Scottish ownership. The Port Charlotte distillery will have a 1.2 million liter capacity when it is fully operational.

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