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Monday, August 06, 2007

Distillery that Heats Homes Will Soon Power Hospital

A distillery in the northern Scotland town of Wick that already provides heat to homes will soon provide power for a local hospital.

Waste heat from Pulteney Distillery provides warmth for 270 homes owned by elderly and low income residents, and now plans call for Caithness Heat and Power to provide energy for Caithness General Hospital

The environmentally friendly power supply comes from biomass fuel used at the Pulteney Distillery. Excess thermal energy at the distillery is boosted to a higher level in a wood chip boiler. Long range plans include expanding the project to include several public buildings in the town.


Anonymous said...

Rick, Cool news item. Do you have a source for it? I checked the company website and found some info about their heating scheme but it was a couple years old.

Thanks and Cheers,
Chris O'Brien

Rick Lyke said...

An item about the project ran in the Glasgow Sunday Herald last week.