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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Could Alabama City be Headed Back to Prohibition?

Voters in Athens, Ala., will go to the polls on Aug. 14th to decide if the city should stay wet. As strange as it sounds, opponents of the legalized sale of alcohol were able to generate enough petition signatures to get a return to Prohibition on the ballot.

You could not legally buy a drink in Athens until December 2003. Since then, those in favor of alcohol sales say taxes on booze have generated about $500,000 annually for city government and local schools. They also claim it has helped attract restaurants to the town.

The Athens-Limestone Quality of Life Committee, which is headed by retired Church of Christ minister Jim Bowers, says alcohol destroys families and causes crime.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

First to put what I'm going to say in a perspective - I've lived in Athens since I was 2 months old and will be 51 this year.

It should be of no surprise of the Church denomination that represents this group of people. To show their arrogance they preach if you don't go to their church your going to hell. They do not recognize civil law concerning divorce. They are the main reason Athens has been dry for at least the past 90 years. They lost control back in 2003 and they want it back.