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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Utah Could Vote to Make Cold Beer Illegal

Salt Lake City television station ABC 4 is reporting that a group of Utah Republican state legislators is talking about proposing a bill that would make warm beer the law of the land.

The bill would make it illegal for grocery and convenience stores to sell cold beer. The lawmakers believe that selling beer warm would reduce consumption in the state and cut drinking and driving.

Lawmakers are apparently still studying the potential law. While they are at it, perhaps the Utah Legislature should outlaw the sale of frozen water. If people had to wait to make ice, chances are that there would be fewer coolers full of beer and a there might even be a reduction in the number of cocktails made in the state.

This proposal comes from the same state that confiscated a vanity license plate from one driver. The offending word on the plate? Merlot. Perhaps they can change the state moto on the plates to "Utah: The Warm Beer State."

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