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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Utah: Just Say No to Merlot

You can no longer legally have multiple wives in Utah, nor can you apparently have a license plate that has anything to do with alcoholic beverages.

Utah resident Glenn Eurick found this out recently when he received a letter from the Utah State Tax Commission saying that he would have to turn in the plates that he had been using on his car for a decade. It was not a driving offense that caused the state government to crack down on Eurick. It was the word spelled out on the plates. No it was not one of those seven words George Carlin has built a career around not saying on television. The word? MERLOT.

Utah says any words involving alcohol, drugs or are otherwise offensive cannot be used on state license plates.

Eurick is appealing, saying he will try to replace the plate with one that says "NO MERLOT" if Utah stands by its original order.

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