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Monday, July 28, 2008

Massachusetts Golf Courses Might Get Beverage Carts

A bill that has been pending for more than a year in the Massachusetts state legislature would allow city and town officials to license the sale of beer and wine on golf courses in the state.

Currently only Massachusetts and Alaska ban the sale of alcohol from beverage carts on golf courses.

The bill, already approved once by the House and Senate, must be considered one more time before being sent to Gov. Deval Patrick. Some courses reportedly already flaunt the law. Country clubs near borders with other states say they lose business to courses that offer drink carts to players.


Anonymous said...

What the hell are you talking about? I've been buying beer and mixed drinks on Massachusetts golf courses for 17 years. A friend of mine drove a beverage cart while she was in college 15 years ago. I've played over 25 different courses in MA, if the club house had a liquor license, the beverage cart had booze.

Rick Lyke said...
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Rick Lyke said...

Dear d.sigrey:

Just because they were selling on the course does not mean it was completely legal. I'm not sure how long the ban was in place, but it certainly exists.

Check out these two news reports:



I hope you can enjoy a legal beverage sometime soon.


Anonymous said...

Rick -- the governor signed the legislation. It goes into effect November 7. All those courses who were serving on the course were violating the law and risking their insurance coverage. November may be too late for most MA courses for 2008, but you can be sure they will be ready for 2009.