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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Erath County, Texas, to Vote on Alcohol Sales

A petition with approximately 5,000 signatures has been certified, placing a proposal on the November ballot in Erath County, Texas, that would allow the sale of beer and wine in the county for off-premise consumption.

Texas law required 2,746 valid signatures from registered voters in Erath County in order for the measure to be on the ballot. Opponents against allowing local citizens to have a vote on the matter had challenged signatures from under 21 year old voters on the petition saying they could not legally drink, but County Judge Tab Thompson ruled that since 18 is the legal voting age that County Commissioners had to accept the valid signatures from legal voters.

The Erath Repeal Action Committee is working to generate support for the measure. The last attempt to repeal Prohibition in the county was 26 years ago.


Sheila said...

It appears that our society is using Alcohol to relieve their stress levels. Perhaps they are not aware, as I wasn't, of the severe, powerful effect that ANY/ALL liquor contains. Just imagine being of A-1 health all your life, working in a profession that you'd dreamed of, all your life, then after 2 disasterous marriages, finding the man you'd met as a kid but lost touch with, then having a REAL LOVE AFFAIR & a REAL HAPPY MARRIAGE! Only to be destroyed by GOOD OLD ALCOHOL's spiteful retaliation. That being destruction of your health & sudden death of the most wonderful husband you'd ever known?
Now, do you think drinking is all that important in your life?
I certainly DON'T anymore !!

Wine Enabler said...

As a Texan who despises lawmakers who think they know what's best for their flock, I am ready for these archaic, puritan laws to disappear.

And I don't even know how to respond to the above comment. I'm sorry for her loss, but one experience should not define the laws for all.

Matthew D said...

As a retired law enforcement officer I know first hand that silly laws imposed by those who think they are superior human beings do not stop individuals from destroying their own lives. This is supposed to be land of the free. People should be allowed to live how they want to live and not how you want them to live. If you feel so strongly about your beliefs and apposing them on other maybe you should join the taliban or move to Iran.