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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Playboy's 2009 Top Party Schools

Magazines do ranking stories to generate buzz. Playboy is no exception. They still need to promote themselves, even with pictures of naked women inside. The magazine's list of the Top 25 Party Schools recently came out.

In the case of Playboy, their "scientific" approach rates the school on a series of five things: bikini index, campus life, sports, brains and sex. Some familiar names pop up when you cross reference the list against the Priceton Review's annual ranking of party schools.

We reprint Playboy's list here as a helpful guide for high school seniors (and as a useful warning for their parents):

1. University of Miami
2. University of Texas - Austin
3. San Diego State University
4. University of Florida
5. University of Arizona
6. University of Wisconsin - Madison
7. University of Georgia
8. Louisiana State University
9. University of Iowa
10. West Virginia University
11. University of Maryland - College Park
12. University of California - Santa Barbara
13. Penn State University
14. Lehigh University
15. Arizona State University
16. Washington State University
17. Rollins College
18. Ohio University
19. Michigan State University
20. California State University - Chico
21. Hampshire College
22. James Madison University
23. Florida State University
24. Indiana University
25. SUNY Albany


Yochabel said...

oh SUNY Albany....this place definitely is crazy. If there aren't drunk people walking around then something is wrong

Anonymous said...

Definatley not rhode island. If you are caught drinking you are gone. But weed is legal at URI so if you like that the cops will smoke you up.

Anonymous said...

wuts upp

Anonymous said...

Ohio University should definitely be higher on this list... we have more spring and fall festivals than you can count and not to mention the biggest halloween party in the country every year!

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin should be number 1 they repeatedly have the highest consumption of alcohol for any college