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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Big Foamy Head Podcast

The World Wide Web bubles with beer these days and this blog is just one example. New media beer journalists and people just wanting to have some fun and spread the word of good beer have launched blogs, website, podcasts and video podcasts.

Recently I was contacted by Dick Pepper who, along with another Rick, co-hosts a podcast called The Big Foamy Head. They have asked me to join as a guest at least on a temporary basis (you will discover why I went into print journalism when you hear the podcast) to share late breaking beer news.

Based in Memphis, Tenn., the podcast focuses on the three Big B's: Beer, Barbecue and Blues. The guys and their guests talk beer and barbecue, while playing some great music. It's worth a listen. Go to: http://www.bigfoamyhead.com.

You can check out my debut as the Les Nessman of The Big Foamy Head starting Monday night (show #57).


d00d said...


You are live and nationwide. I'm giving the podcast a proof-listen right now.

Rick (aka d00d)
cohost BigFoamyHead.com

dp said...

Great job on the podcast! It's nice to see an air of professionalism, journalistic integrity, and hard-hitting reporting (a la Les Nessman, of course) brought to this podcast.

Big Foamy Head