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Thursday, March 01, 2007

2007 Wine Blogs of the Year

The world of blogs contains the good, the bad and the ugly. Finding a blog worth checking out on a regular basis is usually an exercise in trial and error. Word of mouth can help propel the best blogs. In the case of wine blogs, Tom Wark, creator of Fermentation, a wine blog at www.fermentation.typepad.com, launched a competition to find the best.

Four wine blogs in each of seven categories were selected by a panel, then 2,800 people voted on the best. Here are the results of the recently completed 2007 Wine Blog Awards:

Best Overall Wine Blog: Dr. Vino's Wine Blog -- www.drvino.blogspot.com

Best Winery Blog: Pinot Blogger — www.pinotblogger.com

Best Single-Subject Wine Blog: The Wine Collector — www.vinfolio.com/thewine collector

Best Wine-Reviewing Blog: Vinography — www.vinography.com

Best Wine Blog Graphics: The Good Grape — www.goodgrape.com

Best Wine Podcast or Video-Blog: Wine Library TV — tv.winelibrary.com

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