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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Spice Company Puts Rye Whiskey on its List of Top Flavors for 2008

Whiskey lovers have been raving about the revival of rye, now cooks are discovering the joys of this American whiskey.

The newly released McCormick Flavor Forecast 2008 says that rye will be a key flavoring ingredient in the coming year. The forecast is developed by spice marketer McCormick with the help of restaurant chefs, cookbook authors and television food personalities.

McCormick says that America's escalating interest in health and wellness, authentic ingredients and cooking techniques, and the increased desire for local and artisan foods are driving forces in the changing tastes of Americans.

McCormick placed Rubbed Sage and Rye Whiskey as its number 10 flavor combination for 2008, saying the duo represents "a powerful, all-American team."

Oregano and Heirloom Beans followed by Vanilla Bean and Cardamom topped the McCormick list.

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