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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Texas Mayor Against Beer at Theme Park

Arlington Mayor Bob Cluck should stop playing politics and do some research before opening his mouth. That might be hard for the average politician, but Mayor Cluck could establish a trend.

The Six Flags Amusement Park in Arlington, Texas, has filed public notice that it will seek a permit to sell beer at Six Flags and its sister water park, Hurricane Harbor. Six Flags says it will establish strict guidelines for beer sales and it must face a public hearing before the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission before it will receive a permit to sell beer.

Mayor Cluck wants to cut to the front of the line and apply some frontier justice by denying the permit to Six Flags. Reports say he is concerned about drunk patrons venturing on to rides at the park. Perhaps the Arlington City Council will be asked to pass RUI -- Riding Under the Influence -- laws and breathalyze would be Tilt-A-Whirl riders.

Six Flags wants to join a trend among theme parks nationally that offer responsible adults enjoying a day of fun the chance to sip a cold beer. Trust me, at theme park prices no one is going to be heading to Six Flags for happy hour. Over the holidays my family made a visit to Orlando and went to Disney World. Those Disney folks have long been known as a crazy, rowdy bunch. In Mayor Cluck's view, I'm sure they create an anti-family atmosphere that spawns all sorts of trouble. I know Mayor Cluck might not approved, but at both Epcot and the Disney Animal Kingdom parks our group enjoyed beer, wine, cider and cocktails. I skipped the urge to have sake at the Japanese pavilion. And we went on a few rides. Come to think of it, I do recall seeing a large mouse, a crazy looking duck and a dog dressed like Santa Claus. Perhaps Mayor Cluck is right.

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phildoncaster said...

Very good post I totally agree with you what the harm in a cold beer to cool you down at the Theme Park.