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Friday, October 31, 2008

The Newcomer: Ambrausianum Gasthausbrauerei

We walked across a couple of bridges over branches of the Regnitz, admiring Bamberg’s wonderful architecture along the way, before arriving at Ambrausianum Gasthausbrauerei.

Ambros Michael Mahr’s family has owned the Dominikanerstrasse location for 200 years. For a good part of that time it was rented to distillers who made schnapps. When the last distillery closed in 1955, a series of restaurants took over the location, until Mahr established a brewery in 2004. The newcomer to the Bamberg beer scene has a prime Inselstadt (Islandtown) location and is an easy place to stop as you wander Bamberg.

We tried a sampler – or bierprobe --of three draughts offered at the brewpub, a helles, a wheat beer and a dark lager. While the beers were all nicely put together, it is the Beer Punch that puts Ambrausianum on the Bamberg beer map.

The Beer Punch is a Fall and Winter specialty. As Mahr put it, “We need something hot when the cold comes.”

Starting with a dark lager base and garnished with an orange slice, Ambrausianum’s Beer Punch has many of the characteristics of a mulled cider. I’d be guessing at the exact recipe, since the Mahr family keeps it a secret. At 3 Euro a cup, it certain does a good job warding off the chill of a late October night in Germany.

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