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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Bamberg’s Smallest Brewery

Bauerei Greifenklau, located along Laurenziplatz, is named for Count von Greifenclau, who founded the brewery in 1719. The brewery mainly sells its products through its pub, which has a courtyard beer garden that offers a great view of Altenburg Castle.

We saw workmen in coveralls stopping for a drink at the end of the day and elderly women enjoying an early evening meal in the tavern. All felt equally at home. The quiet Bamberg neighborhood where the brewery is located is lucky to have Greifenklau close at hand.

I had two beers during the visit. Greifenklau Lager is an amber gold color with a thin head. The beer has a refreshing hop bitterness. My favorite was the unfiltered wheat, which was a cloudy yellow gold color. The creamy head on this beer allowed the aroma of bananas to escape. The flavor had a classic banana and clove flavor base.

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