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Thursday, December 04, 2008

If You Drink This Brew, Do You See Little Green Men?

Sapporo Breweries "Space Beer," first reported here back in May, is now a reality -- but only available to a select few "beernauts."

Sapporo has brewed about 100 liters of "Space Barley Special Brewing Beer" and has selected 30 couples that will be given the chance to taste the all-barley malt beer at events at its breweries around Japan.

The 5.5 percent alcohol by volume beer was made from barley grown using seeds from barley that had been grown in a laboratory on board the International Space Station. Various crops have been studied in space and the barley was grown in space through a joint research project by the Russian Academy of Science, Japan's Okayama University and Sapporo Breweries.

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