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Saturday, May 09, 2009

American Craft Beer Week Kicks Off on Monday

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American Craft Beer Week
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What are your plans for American Craft Beer Week?

The Brewers Association is promoting all things craft beer from May 11-17 to highlight the cultural, culinary and economic contributions of craft beer in United States. A total of at least 470 events are being promoted by 195 breweries in various locations across the country.

At first blush you might wonder about the need for something like the Declaration of Beer Independence that is available on the group's website or a Facebook fan page to promote craft beer, but the reality is that the vast majority of beer drinkers having a glass of cold brew right at this moment are consuming bland, fizzy, light, yellow liquid turned out by mega brewers. Obviously, there is a need to introduce more people to craft beer.

Small, independent craft brewers now number more than 1,400, providing nearly 100,000 jobs. In in 2008 craft brewers produced 8,596,971 barrels of beer. The Brewers Association points out that these businesses face rapidly increasing costs for materials and supplies, along with a competition squeeze for retail shelf space.

So if you are thinking beer this week, buy a local craft beer and support someone who cares about the quality of the beer you drink.

1 comment:

Good Burp said...

Amen brother. Never was there a better time to try an independant mocrobrew. Beer wars helped the movement. However, this week I came to a conclusion. Microbrew or nothing.