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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Drinks & Taxes 2009 v17: United States of America

President Barack Obama wants to fix the health care system and make universal coverage available to all Americans. The issue was a major part of his campaign.

The problem is the economy makes paying for the proposal a fairly difficult task. It is estimated that during the next 10 years the federal government could spend up to $1.5 trillion to fund the program.

So the number crunchers in Washington are looking for revenue sources. Guess what one of the targets is? If you said "alcohol" you have passed the test.

The numbers in the tax proposals are still a little squishy, but some media reports say that the tax on liquor will go up and that the rates on beer and wine will be raised to bring them closer to what is charged for spirits. A common number being tossed around has the federal tax on beer going up by as much as $2 a case.

With the Democrats controlling the White House, Senate and House, it's likely the health care plan will get attention fairly soon. If what is happening at the local and state level is any indication, beverage companies and people who enjoy beer, wine and spirits are likely to pay more than their fair share to help fund the new program.


Scott-TheBrewClub said...

The Power to tax is the power to destroy. Beer sales are already declining and how will higher taxes help the industry? I think its a bad idea all around.

ratnaveera said...

Govt. can get more from wine and liquor companies! Rich people will drink often. So, no problem on more tax for wines and liquors.