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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 20 Drink: Saint Arnold Elissa IPA

Saint Arnold Brewing was founded in Houston in 1994. The brewery makes 10 different beers and is one of the leading southwest craft brewers. The brewery is named for Saint Arnold of Metz, who during the 600s told French citizens to drink beer and avoid water, thus saving thousands who would have died from tainted supplies.

Saint Arnold Elissa IPA is made using a single hop variety, Cascades. The beer pours a nice golden bronze color with a relatively thick head that laces the glass. Floral hop aroma and a wonderful full flavor profile. Grapefruit and slightly pine backbone. Good body from a healthy amount of of malt.


Steve said...

This is one of my more favourite beers from St. Arnold, particularly on cask.

Stuart said...

Love, and I mean LOVE Elissa IPA. It's a great brew from one of the best breweries in the U.S.A.