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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Day 68 Drink: Bear Republic Rebellion

Bear Republic Brewing in California has been making Rebellion ale using a different single hop with each batch. So far at least 8 hop varieties have been used.

“Some we come back to that we like, while others we don’t want to revisit,” says Paul Kruger, head brewer at Bear Republic Brewing. “It gives us a chance to take a peek at what the flavor of hops is all about. It’s sort of a controlled experiment. The beers have been remarkably different.”

“We’re not striving for the same exact flavor year to year, we just want to make the best possible beer,” Kruger says. “We will adjust the amount of hops in each batch of Rebellion to achieve our target of 55 IBUs.”

Bear Republic Rebellion is a 6.4 percent alcohol by volume ale. The beer we tasted was hopped with Warrior. The brew is a golden orange color and had a nice spicy nose. The flavor was well rounded, with nice citrus notes.

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