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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Day 97 Drink: Surly Coffee Bender

Trend spotting at the Great American Beer Festival last fall revealed swelling ranks of brewers using coffee as a key beer flavoring ingredients. The Coffee Flavored Beer category had 45 entries, up 17 from 2008. To put that number in perspective, the Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout category had 19 entries.

“Like any added ingredient, coffee offers a fair bit of challenges. You have to tweak the recipe to get it where you want it,” says Omar Ansari, president of Surly Brewing in Minnesota. “It’s not a subtle coffee note in our beer, it’s prominent. That’s what we wanted.” Surly Coffee Bender adds Guatemalan beans to the recipe of Surly’s Bender, an oatmeal brown ale.

Surly Coffee Bender comes at you with a full bodied coffee experience, packing all of the java you really need. Corse ground coffee is steeped for 24 hours, giving the beer an espresso like roasted and slightly smoky flavor.

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