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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Lyke2Drink Milestone: Blog Post Number 500

In two weeks this blog will turn a year old. It has been fun and interesting to chronicle the world of drinks and this entry marks my 500th since starting the blog.

In my first entry I outlined a purpose for this blog and have tried to stay true to that direction:

"The great thing about writing about beer, wine and spirits is that interesting stories can be found no matter where you travel. You can visit Trappist monasteries in Belgium where the monks brew beer. You can tour a number of wineries in California that are owned by actors and directors. You can enjoy a $1,000 mint julep at Churchill Downs during the running of the Kentucky Derby. Or you can just pour your favorite beverage in a glass and spend part of a Saturday evening on your deck with family and friends.

That's what this blog is going to be about. My goal is to further the discussion of great libations, talk about some of the issues facing beverage companies and drinkers, plus share a few fun stories. Thanks for coming along for the ride."

It has been interesting to watch the site visits to Lyke2Drink increase. Traffic to the site comes in a number of ways. Nearly a third (31%) comes in straight through the http://Lyke2Drink.blogspot.com URL. They are either regulars, people who have found me listed on another bloggers blog roll (I urge you to visit the bloggers listed in my blog roll. There is some great writing to be found and interesting information regarding the drinks world.), or through a search engine listing not linked to a particular post.

I thought it would be interesting to list the top 10 single entries -- the top 2 percent most popular of all of the posts from Lyke2Drink. If you missed one you can check out what others have been reading. Here they are:

1. Sitting on a Bar Stool: The Greatest Drinking Songs of All-Time -- 5 percent of all hits.
2. Red Sox Wine Not All Red: Three Player Labels Raise Funds for Charity -- 4 percent
3. Jimmy Buffett Teaming Up With A-B -- 2 percent
4. Jack Daniel's and Water: Drought Threatens Spring Used to Make Tennessee Whiskey -- 1 percent
5. Mike Ditka Launches Wine Brand -- 1 percent
6. NASCAR Legend Junior Johnson Back in the Moonshine Business -- 1 percent
7. Weekend Watering Hole: 100 Places to Have a Beer Before You Die -- 1 percent
8. Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey -- 1 percent
9. Breast Boosting Beer from Bulgaria is Big Business -- 1 percent
10. Smirnoff Source: Will Lindsay Lohan Endorse the Brand? -- 1 percent

When you combine the total hits from these posts with the home page generic URL visits for Lyke2Drink you end up with 49 percent of all of the traffic to hit the site. There is obviously a common thread among the top entries when you look at the number that involve celebrities. The spread of types of beverages in the top 10 is pretty evenly split: 3 spirits, 2 wine, 2 beer, 1 malternatives and 1 music related. That split changes a bit as you move down the list. In posts 11-20, the mix is 5 beer, 3 spirits and 2 posts related to drinking and the law.

Thanks for visiting Lyke2Drink during the last 50 weeks -- we're almost 1!

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