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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Breast Boosting Beer from Bulgaria is Big Business

News reports out of Europe suggest that one of the biggest benefits of allowing Bulgaria to join the European Union just might be women with larger breasts. That's if you believe the hype around Boza beer.

Either European men said to be flocking to buy Boza beer for their wives and girlfriends are gullible, or the company behind the brew will soon become one of the largest brewers in the world. Boza beer, made from fermented millet or wheat flour and yeast, is said to cause female consumers to grow larger breasts. Boza has become the rage among shopkeepers and bar owners in several parts of Europe now that high duties have been eliminated with Bulgaria in the EU.

None of the news reports on Boza's reputed miracle qualities cite any scientific data. Boza is commonly consumed with breakfast in Bulgaria and nearby countries, which tends to make me think that what we may be dealing with here is a confirmed mass case of beer goggles.

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