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Friday, September 07, 2007

The Brew Zoo: We're Off to a Good Start

This edition of The Session is dedicated to Michael Jackson. The Beer Hunter passed away a few days ago and will be missed by all who were fortunate enough to have known him or lucky enough to be introduced to great beer or whiskey through his books, articles, television appearances, DVDs or websites. The beer and whiskey world has lost a passionate and eloquent journalist. An international toast is being planned to honor and remember Michael Jackson on Sept. 30th. Details of the event will be listed on The Beer Hunter website and you may want to check with your local brewpub or beer bar to see what they have planned.

The Session #7 is The Brew Zoo. We can expect a Noah's Ark full of beers to arrive through Beer Blogging Friday, which was created by Stan Hieronymus over at Appellation Beer. My plan is to post an update a couple of times today as bloggers bag their animal brews and post them, with a final wrap up coming over the weekend. If you have a Beer Blogging Friday post to contribute to The session #7 this month, please email me a link at rick.lyke@gmail.com.

Here goes with a few of the early posts:

Mattias Willefors at the mattias-beer-experience from Sweden introduces us to Dugges Holy Cow India Pale Ale from a small microbrewery on the west coast of his country. He gets bovine style points for a truly strange piece of label art. Then he gives us a look at a seasonal label from Dugges called Rudolf, giving us our first reindeer for this -- and I believe any other edition of The Session.

Over at the food blog Make Mine Potato, they posted on that wonderful Belgian treat Delirium Nocturnum and reminisced about a visit to Belgium, while lamenting the difficulty in finding great beer in Missouri.

Ethan Cox at Beer-O-Vision gives us our first truly mythical creature with a report on Orkney’s Dragonshead.

Ray at The Barley Blog donned a pith helmet and caught two stouts for the Brew Zoo: Blue Fin Stout and Black Hawk Stout. He decides that these two old favorites deserve a more frequent return to his fridge.

Over at the Brew Brain Blog, Lyle McCulloch brings us a family pet for The Brew Zoo with Spanish Peak's Black Dog Ale.

We hear from Dublin, as The Beer Nut delivers three suggested additions to the menagerie: Badger Ales' Tanglefoot, Goose Island's Honkers Ale and Sierra Nevada's Bigfoot Barleywine. Bigfoot may indeed get his own wing at The Brew Zoo.

Knut Albert from Oslo, Norway, decided to take us to London and collect an entire public house so we would have a place to go to enjoy all of the zoo brews. Welcome to the Black Lion, a gastropub with some of the best value lodging in the British capital.

We're off to a good start filling the Beer Ark. Keep them coming and please form a two-by-two line at the right.

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Greg Clow said...

It just occurred to me how fitting it is to have a Session about animals to be dedicated to The Beer Hunter. Nice bit of serendipity there.