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Friday, September 07, 2007

The Brew Zoo: It's Starting to Get a Little Gamey in Here

The Session #7: The Brew Zoo, is picking up some steam as we head through the day. We have a variety of new beasts to add to our exhibit of creatures from the brewing world.

Here are the latest to arrive at the zoo gate:

Tim Hynds over at Sioux Brew has a bit of Boris Badenov in him this month as he kills off a Moose and Squirrel for his entry to the Brew Zoo.

The Dude from the Akelas Biggins delivers up some classic collectible beer cans to remind us that beer and animals have been closely associated for years. Check out the Black Horse Ale can from Koch's in Dunkirk, N.Y.

We might just have found the smallest creature for our brew zoo thanks to J. Wilson at Brewvana. He talks up Brasserie Caracole and makes us all long for Belgium and brewers who take the time to do it right. Caracole is the Spanish word for snail. A great find for our exhibit hall.

Al at Hop Talk goes whole hog on us with Hop Hog IPA from Lancaster Brewing Co. in Pennsylvania.

Over at Beer Haiku Daily, Captain Hops gives a little goose -- a Wild Goose Brewery -- and some haiku that fits the theme for good measure. By the way, Captain Hops is the host of the October edition of The Session. I'm sure he'll post the topic shortly.

We get a reminder from Stonch's Beer Blog that United Kingdom brewers are nuts over the idea of using a variety of animals. Everything from a griffin to a ram to a stag to a cockerel to an eagle to a hen to a chimp to a weasel.

Chris O'Brien at The Beer Activist takes us on a trip to Vietnam and an encounter with snake wine, which is fermented using rice. His advice is to avoid the ruou made with cobra. A big 10-4 on that one, Chris.

Jon Abernathy at The Brew Site mercifully gets us back to a place where my stomach is on a little more solid ground with his review of three beers from Cascade Lakes Brewing in Oregon. We now have a rooster, pine marten and monkey in our midst.

Stan Hieronymus at Appellation Beer urges an Arizona brewery to please take up the cause of the Road Runner, while chronicling Chicken Killer Barleywine and Turtle Mountain's Fat Squirrel.

If you have a Beer Blogging Friday post to contribute to The session #7 this month, there is still time to take part. Please email me your link at rick.lyke@gmail.com.

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