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Friday, September 07, 2007

Brew Zoo: The Wild Kingdom Comes to The Session

Lyke2Drink has been tracking wild beasts all day as The Session #7: The Brew Zoo rolls along. Here is the latest from the participants in Beer Blogging Friday.

Justin Davis over at Bottle Conditioned takes us on a safari that captures a Black Cat, Otter, Monkey and the elusive Duck Rabbit.

KevBrews dives in for a tasting under the seas for some truly old Old Crustacean -- vintage 2002!

Josh Mishell, Creative Director at Flying Dog Brewery in Denver checks in with a discussion of the Ralph Steadman illustrations used for the brand's labels and the work underway to update the look of the packaging.

Craig at Beers Beers Beers keeps us on the canine trail with a review of Smuttynose Old Brown Dog. While Craig explains he is no big fan of the Brew Zoo theme selection, he turns out a nice recap of this man's best friend beer.

Greg Clow at Beer Beats Bites in Canada follows up with another doggishly good brew, Stoudt's Fat Dog Stout.

We must being really going to the dogs as Bam Biere, a farmhouse ale from Jolly Pumpkin gets delivered to the brew zoo courtesy of Alan McLeod of A Good Beer Blog in Ontario.

Beer Sage at My Beer Pix takes us to Nimbus Brewing in Tucson, Ariz., for his contribution to the menagerie. No a Nimbus is not some type of recently discovered sea creature found at depths of 12,000 feet or greater, it's the halo around a persons head in early paintings to depict sainthood. Nimbus Brewing does have a monkey as its mascot, which is reason enough to allow it on the beer ark.

Boak and Bailey, a U.K. beer blog, gives us the bird -- a bird of prey that is -- with a nice review of Cotleigh Buzzard Dark Ale, then doubles up on us with Aguila (Eagle) from Amstel's brewery in Spain.

We get to taste some amphibian as Maeib's Beer Blog in the U.K. takes us to try some Frog Island Brewing Croak & Stagger.

Willie Moe at Beerjanglin' might just have set a Beer Blogging Friday record with his contribution to The Brew Zoo. If I was a little more ambitious at this hour I might run a contest to count all of the animals and to identify all of the species listed in his post, but this zoo keeper is a little tuckered out. Sufficed to say that I hope he has all of the dogs on leashes, enough water in the aquarium, a good sized box of bird seed and a diaper for that monkey.

We will check in later to see if any more creatures were left at the gate. That's it for now.

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