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Saturday, November 28, 2009

BrewDog Releases 32 Percent ABV Brew to Claim World's Strongest Beer Title

The title of world's strongest beer is now claimed by a brewer from northern Scotland.

BrewDog, located in Fraserburgh along the North Sea, has released Tactical Nuclear Penguin, which the brewery says weighs in at 32 percent alcohol by volume. At a near Scotch-like 64 proof, the beer replaces Germany's Schorschbock, which is a 31 percent alcohol by volume eisbock.

By way of comparison, Samuel Adams Utopias is 27 percent alcohol by volume and recognized as the strongest in the U.S.

To reach the high alcohol level the brewery stretched out the fermentation process using extremely low temperature. A 330 milliliter bottle of Tactical Nuclear Penguin will cost nearly $50. Don't worry about having to pick up a $300 six pack, since only 500 bottles have been produced.

BrewDog has had a number of running battles with government regulators since coming on the scene in 2007. They have used these fights to gain valuable publicity. The newest beer is a "cynical marketing ploy" according to Alcohol Scotland.

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