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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 357 Drink: Sapphire Hill 2006 Alexander Valley VLH Zinfandel

Sapphire Hill Vineyards calls Healdsburg, Calif., home. We stopped at their tasting room a couple of years back and this bottle has been safely stored in our wine fridge since that great trip to California.

Sapphire Hill 2006 Alexander Valley VLH Zinfandel pours a dark purple red and gives off a thick grape aroma. The wine is made from single vineyard
old vine zinfandel grapes. The flavor is unlike any other dessert wine you have likely had recently. The zinfandel grapes are left on the vine for weeks after the regular harvest, so the flavors become concentrated. At harvest the grapes were 33.5 Brix and the residual sugar an amazing 8 percent. The result is a wine with a big zinfandel body and a sneaky sweetness that keeps popping up throughout.

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