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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Beverage Bulletin: Notes from the Drinks World

Bud.TV Set to Launch: Anheuser-Busch plans to launch a web site in February featuring seven channels of original programming, including reality shows set in bars, characters from previous ad campaigns, sports shows and standup comedy. Bud.TV will target 21-27 year old consumers who are increasingly turning to the Internet for information and entertainment. The St. Louis company says it plans to spend 10 percent of its advertising budget on web-based marketing efforts.

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Cornhusker Whiskey?: A 10-year-old brewpub in Nebraska hopes to join the micro-distilling movement, but first they will need to change state law. Upstream Brewing Co. of Omaha plans to meet with the Nebraska State Liquor Commission to see if they can begin distilling operations. The company wants to make whiskey using water from the Platte River. It would likely take an act from the state Legislature to make the plans legal. The company would like to fire up a still sometime during 2007.

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Big Time in Bardstown: Organizers expect 50,000 people will attend the 15th annual Kentucky Bourbon Festival from Sept. 13-17 in Bardstown, south of Louisville. A number of Festival events, which include 35 programs ranging from whiskey tastings and cooking classes to hot air balloon launches and music, have reportedly already sold out. Visitors can also visit Bourbon distilleries and warehouses in the region. More information is available at www.kybourbonfestival.com.

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New Jersey Wine Competition: Finesville winery Alba Vineyard was named 2006 New Jersey Winery of the Year after receiving two gold, seven silver and two bronze medals in this year's competition. Tomasello Winery in Hammonton won the Governor's Cup for the best wine for its 2005 Ice Wine.

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