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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Art of the Drink

A couple of weeks back I had the chance to meet Anthony Caporale, the man behind the Art of the Drink podcast and blog, at the World Beer Festival in Durham, N.C.

Caporale's podcast is all about teaching each of us how to make great cocktails. Each episode runs about 5 minutes in length and features an Art of the Drink Girl as eye candy. You can check them out at www.artofthedrink.com, where you also will find a pitch for the "Bar Essentials" video that answers a range of frequently asked questions about cocktails, bar etiquette and bar set up. His blog (www.artofthedrink.blogspot.com) is one of the most visited beverage blogs on the Internet.

You can always grab a cocktail recipe book to learn the ingredients of a drink. What Caporale's podcast does is it shows you the proper techniques and flair that go into making great cocktails. Art of the Drink is worth checking out.

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