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Monday, October 23, 2006

To Your Health: Two Beers a Day Reduces Heart Attack Risk

According to a study by researchers in the Czech Republic, two beers a day can keep the doctor away by improving circulation and reducing heart attack risks.

Researchers at the Institute of Clinical Biochemistry and Haematology in Plzen, Charles University and the Plzen Teaching Hospital found that moderate consumption of Czech beer suppresses vascular diseases caused by fat in veins and important organs, including the heart and brain.

In the study funded by Czech brewers, subjects had one small beer at lunchtime and a large beer in the evening. Volunteers drank two beers for 30 days and none during the 30 days before and after the testing period. The study showed beer helped digestion and blood circulation, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and heart attack.

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Kevin said...

This Sam Adams Pale Ale is for you! Cheers!