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Friday, November 10, 2006

Careful How You Order This One: Muckle Flugga Whisky

Blackwood Distillers is planning to enter the market in 2007 with a vatted whisky matured on the island of Unst and named for the most northerly piece of Britain, Muckle Flugga in the Shetlands. Blackwood plans to use earnings from the new brand to build a new whisky distillery on the site of the disused Royal Air Force base at Saxa Vord.

Drips of Muckle Flugga have started to appear at some charity auctions. At the recent American-Scottish Foundation's annual dinner in New York a bottle was auctioned for $650. The first Muckle Flugga is expected to be on sale in May.


Anonymous said...

Interview with Blackwood Distillers: http://www.interview-blog.de/unternehmerinnen-und-geschaftsideen/im-gesprach-mit-tony-mair-chairman-of-blackwood-distillers/

Anonymous said...

What is this whisky, i live on shetland, this plan to build a distillery on Unst no longer exsists, as for maturing the whisky?