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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Euro-Brew: News from European Brewers

Romania Brewery Grows: European Food & Drinks' brewery in Draganesti has tripled its production capacity and is now the largest in Romania. Brands produced at the plant include Servus, Meister, Burger and Dracula.

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No EU Beer Tax Increase: Germany and the Czech Republic have used veto power over a proposed increase in taxes on beer, liquor and fortified wine across Europe. German and the Czech Republic are the top two beer drinking countries and believe an increase was unfair without a tax on wine. Beer has been taxed by the European Union since 1992.

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UK Sales Lag: Scottish & Newcastle said its beer shipments in Britain were down during the last quarter by 6.7 percent, due in large part to stockpile of beer remaining after this summer's World Cup soccer championship. The company also warned that a smoking ban taking place in British pubs in 2007 could have an adverse impact on beer sales next year.

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Polish Brewery Closing: The Bydgoszcz brewery operated by Grupa Zywiec is being closed. Zywiec had been trying to find a buyer for the plant. The company is consolidating operations at other breweries.

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Beer Sales Up in Russia: Baltic Beverages Holding has posted a 9 percent increase in beer sales through the first nine months of the year. The company says shipments to its key Russian market enjoyed an extremely strong third quarter caused in part by disruptions in wine and spirit shipments in Russia.

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