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Friday, November 03, 2006

Get Out and Vote on Nov. 7th

Election Day is next Tuesday and Lyke2Drink continues to learn about votes taking place around the country that would end Prohibition in villages, cities, towns and counties. Democracy is a great thing and we urge you to get out and support these measures. Responsible adults should be able to enjoy a cold drink without the interference of local governments.

You can check out my earlier posts about a number of ballot initiatives to end Blue Laws and decriminalize the sale of alcohol. Here are some additional votes taking place around the country:

Virginia: Frederick County voters can approve the sale of alcoholic beverages in the presently dry Tuscarora district.

Alabama: In the Marshall County city of Arab voters will decide on the legalization of alcohol sales.

Texas: In the Wolfforth and Burleson voters can approve the sale of beer and wine in their communities.

Michigan: Residents of the village of Camden will vote on whether businesses with liquor licenses can sell alcohol on Sundays.

South Carolina: Residents of Rock Hill will be voting on the legality of selling alcohol on Sundays.

Tennessee: Haywood County residents will cast ballots on a proposal that would allow liquor by the drink to be sold in the county.

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