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Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Kind of Politician: Las Vegas Mayor to Teach Martini Class

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, in the middle of his second four year term, will take a little time off to become an adjunct professor at the Community College of Southern Nevada to teach a one-time, non-credit class on a topic near and dear to his heart: making the perfect martini.

Martinis With the Mayor is part of the college's first Local Celebrity Forum promotion. Mayor Goodman calls himself the "World's Happiest Mayor" and once endorsed Bombay Sapphire, donating the fee to charity.


tedo said...

Of course I'm sure everyone remembers he's not the first Mayor to teach a class...while he may never have had a formal class at University of Denver, Mayor Hickenlooper of Denver did hold Beer Appreciation classes at his former place of employement, the Wynkoop.
Good story about the Mayor of Vegas.

Rick Lyke said...

I attended a couple of Professor Hickenlooper's classes! We need to get guys like these in Congress!

Anonymous said...

Can somebody post the recipe? He is coming to the Cigar Lounge at Cheyenne and Rainbow, and we would like to surprise him with his favorite drink.